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How to Beat the Mage-Sisters in Kirby Star Allies’ Heroes in Another Dimension

This last resort strategy may bring you victory.

by Dylan Siegler


Yesterday (November 30), the third and final free update came to Kirby Star Allies, which added new Dream Friends and a new mode called Heroes in Another Dimension. This new mode is significantly more difficult than the game’s main campaign, especially in terms of the ramped up boss fights. The final boss of this mode is all three Mage-Sisters at the same time. This fight can be particularly grueling, but by utilizing a certain strategy, you’ll hopefully be able to deal with it.

As you enter the Final Dimension in Heroes in Another Dimension, you’ll reach an area with lots of powers available and four treasure chests. First, you’ll want to open all the chests. One has an extra life and the other three will allow you to select Dream Friends to have on your team for the upcoming battles. I’d recommend picking three Friends that are heavy hitters, like Dark Meta Knight, Daroach, and Magolor, though you may also want to consider taking along a Friend like Adeleine & Ribbon, since they can create health items. Once you have your team selected, you’ll want to pick the Stone ability as your power.

Here’s the strategy: You’re going to want to basically think of your team as a party in an RPG, and you’re the healer. This means that it is your job to heal your allies, rather than dealing damage to the enemy. With the Stone ability, you’re invincible as long as you’re a stone. Turn into a stone as soon as you can and let your Friends do all the actual fighting. Eventually, your Friends will probably start to die. When this happens, look for a safe opening before turning back into normal, non-stone Kirby and quickly make your way over to your defeated Friend, hold X (or top button if playing with a single Joy-Con) to revive them, then turn back into a stone before you can take any damage. It’s not the most glamorous way in the world to take on a boss fight, but it will get the job done.

You’ll have to fight a new, stronger version of Hyness before you get to the Mage-Sisters fight. This new Corrupted Hyness can be pretty tough, but hopefully shouldn’t be too much of a problem, especially if you’re utilizing the strategy above. After defeating him, you’ll battle all three Mage-Sisters at once. If you’re defeated during this battle, don’t worry; you can jump right back into battle with them with full health instead of having to go through Hyness again. As long as you stay a stone as much as possible, only coming out to revive Friends, you’ll hopefully be able to beat this boss. Another thing to keep in mind is that when you’re trying to revive a Friend, it’s very possible that you’ll take a hit or two. Taking a hit may cause Kirby to lose his Stone ability. Make getting this ability back your first priority, because if you wait too long, the ability will disappear. Try to revive Friends relatively quickly too, since they might exit the battle entirely if they stay defeated for too long, but also realize that Kirby’s health is more important than any of his Friends’ and you don’t want to lose the battle trying to revive a Friend if you could have won the battle by staying a stone and letting one of your Friends die, letting the other two get the job done instead.

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