How to Complete Werner 99-40 Challenge Bounty

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Just after earning the Chalice of Opulence in Destiny 2 you’ll be given another step in the Invitation Quest line that tasks you with completing a bounty for Werner 99-40.  However, just visiting Werner 99-40 at the Barge on Nessus isn’t enough to figure out what the challenge is.  If you’re stumped with what you need to do, you basically need to do three things to complete this challenge as the bounty is a completely separate pursuit from the actual progress in the Invitation Quest.

Complete the Glorious Harvest Bounty and Claim it to Proceed

To further the Invitation quest from here you basically need to complete The Glorious Harvest Bounty.  This can be found in the Pursuits Tab of the Director Menu to track your progress.  You will need to Generate Orbs of Light, Earn Experience, and Complete a Challenge.

The “Challenge” end of this quest is basically any event in Destiny 2.  You can choose to do a Strike or a Heroic Quest and you will fulfill this requirement.  Once you’ve got the Glorious Harvest bounty complete you can continue on with the Invitation Quest by claiming the bounty once completed by using the Pursuits menu option.  Once you claim the bounty you will be given the Imperial Treasure Map which sets you out on a treasure hunt on Nessus.

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