Illari's Cute Spray and Pixel Spray
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How to Get Illari’s Cute and Pixel Spray in Overwatch 2

Like all heroes in Overwatch 2, Illari has a Cute and Pixel spray to earn by completing specific challenges. This guide explains how to complete Illari’s achievements and acquire both sprays in Overwatch 2.

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How to Get Illari’s Pixel Spray — Perfect Placement

Image: Attack of the Fanboy / Blizzard

To complete the Perfect Placement challenge and earn Illari’s Pixel Spray, you must restore a total of 8,000 health with Illari’s Healing Pylon in a single game.

Illari’s Healing Pylon passively heals nearby allies for 40 health per burst. You can place her Pylon wherever you like, including the sides of surfaces, every 8 seconds. It lasts until it’s destroyed or redeployed and has 150 health, with 75 being shield.

To earn Illari’s Pixel Spray in Overwatch 2, you need to keep your Healing Pylon positioned so it can’t be destroyed easily by the enemy team but also so that it can actively heal your allies. As the name of the challenge suggests, it’s all about perfect positioning.

Image: Blizzard

Placing the Pylon behind walls that your opponents can’t reach and on the walls of open buildings are good strategies for this challenge. Spice it up by getting a Symmetra to place her turrets near yours, making it even harder for your foes to destroy. Don’t forget to regularly redeploy your Pylon to restore its health and keep it out of enemy sight.

As 8,000 health is a significant number to heal with a single ability, we recommend attempting this in a Competitive game once Illari is available. Comp games are usually lengthier than Quick Play matches, giving you more time to rack up those heals.

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How to Get Illari’s Cute Spray — Solar Flare

Image: Attack of the Fanboy / Blizzard

To complete the Solar Flare challenge and earn Illari’s Cute Spray, you must detonate 3 Sunstruck enemies after a single use of Illari’s Captive Sun.

Captive Sun is the name of Illari’s Ultimate ability, which allows her to fly and launch an explosive bundle of solar energy. Any enemies hit by this are now Sunstruck and will explode after taking enough damage from any source.

Image: Blizzard

To get this achievement and earn Illari’s Cute Spray, you need to hit at least three enemies with your Ultimate. Use the flight gained from your Ult to your advantage and target one Sunstruck enemy. If your opponents are grouped up, the explosion from the single enemy will cause a chain reaction and detonate the other Sunstruck enemies nearby.

The easiest way to do this naturally is by flanking during an intense team fight and aiming your Ultimate in the middle of the enemy team. If you have a Zarya on your team, a good Graviton Surge is the perfect time to activate your Ult, and extremely satisfying to witness. Orisa’s Ultimate also synergizes excellently with Captive Sun.

Don’t forget to check out our guide on earning Lifeweaver’s Cute and Pixel sprays in Overwatch 2, too. Just in case your other Support insta-locks Illari.

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