How to Get Lifeweaver’s Cute and Pixel Sprays in Overwatch 2

Obtain these adorable Sprays by completing impressive feats.

by Thomas Cunliffe
Lifeweaver's Pixel and Cute sprays in overwatch 2
Image: Attack of the Fanboy / Blizzard Entertainment

Like all heroes in Overwatch 2, Lifeweaver has two earnable sprays linked to achievements centered around performing impressive feats. Splashing Lifeweaver’s Cute or Pixel Spray onto the wall will let enemies and allies alike know just how well you can pull your teammates into funny situations and throw trees at the ground.

This guide contains details on earning the achievements needed to get Lifeweaver’s Pixel and Cute Sprays and strategies for completing them. You can also check out our guide on Lifeweaver’s abilities to better understand this heroes’ kit.

How to Get Lifeweaver’s Cute Spray — Giving Tree

Image: Attack of the Fanboy / Blizzard Entertainment

To earn the Giving Tree achievement and earn Lifeweaver’s Cute Spray, you must restore 1200 health with a single use of Lifeweaver’s Tree of Life in Quick or Competitive play.

Tree of Life is Lifeweaver’s Ultimate ability. When activated, Lifeweaver can place a large tree that instantly heals surrounding allies for 150 health and continues to heal them with pulses that recover 50 health. The highest total it can heal during its 15-second duration is 550.

The best way to earn the Giving Tree achievement is to use Lifeweaver’s Ultimate during intense fights in which your whole team is present and actively taking damage — especially when the enemy team is using or about to use an aggressive Ultimate.

How to Get Lifeweaver’s Pixel Spray — Life Weaving

Image: Attack of the Fanboy / Blizzard Entertainment

To earn the Life Weaving achievement and earn Lifeweaver’s Pixel Spray in Overwatch 2, you need to prevent three deaths using Lifeweaver’s Life Grip without dying in Quick or Competitive play.

Lifeweaver can use Life Grip every twenty seconds to pull an ally toward him and briefly protect them from damage and stuns. As funny as randomly pulling your friends can be, avoid using Life Grip in unnecessary situations so you’re always ready to save a teammate from dying.

To prevent yourself from dying, make use of Lifeweaver’s Rejuvenating Dash ability to heal yourself and quickly avoid sticky situations. You can also use his Petal Platform to reach safe places and negate area-of-effect Ultimates, like Orisa’s Terra Surge.

If you’d like to learn more about Overwatch 2’s latest hero, check out our article: ‘Overwatch 2’s “Sci-Fi Druid” Lifeweaver Represents Diversity in More Ways Than One,’ which dives deep into Lifeweaver’s background, ambitions, and character design. To make earning these Sprays easier, we also have a guide on exactly how Lifeweaver’s abilities and weapons function.

- This article was updated on April 11th, 2023

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