Elden Ring: Where to Find Seluvis’s Secret Puppet Room

Uncovering Seluvis' hidden secret.

by Weilong Mao


It perhaps comes as no surprise that the Secret puppet room that Seluvis has hidden away is not all that far from his place of residence. But the exact location is something that’s not entirely clear to every and all Elden Ring players. Which in some sense, speaks to the covert nature of Preceptor Seluvis, and the hobbies that he has qualms with displaying to the general populace. This guide will elaborate as to the importance of the Puppet room, and the methods that need to be employed to access the location.

Elden Ring Seluvis Puppet Room Location

Seluvis’ hidden chambers can be found in between Renna and Ranni’s Rise, beneath some illusionary flooring. Attacking the pavement in question will open up access to players, letting them travel downward into the basement. Players will know that they are at the right location if they’ve spotted aristocrats wielding staffs nearby, taking shots at the player, and quickly shirking away, fading into particles before reappearing. They are not exactly difficult enemies, and them appearing in an area that is mostly void of enemies serves more as a tell as opposed to being obstacles in the player’s way.


After venturing into the secret puppet room, players should immediately be able to ascertain why exactly it is that Seluvis has entrusted them with the duties of delivering potions to other individuals, and the potential consequence of such deeds. Littered about the grounds are motionless husks of test subjects that Seluvis has conducted experimented upon. And this matter is only made more apparent by the illusionary wall at the very end of his chambers, depicting the outcome of the player’s decision in regards to their potion delivery quest.

Questioning Seluvis

Now that the player’s made aware of the ongoings beneath the ground of the Three Sisters. They are free to use the knowledge that they have obtained as leverage. Head into Seluvis’ Rise and engage in conversation with Seluvis, a new talk option should have opened up that would allow players to inquire why it is that there is a cellar filled with Puppets. Seluvis upon hearing such inquiries will chide the player for their breach of personal privacy but will acquiesce to the player’s demands for a puppet if asked.

Giving them the option to freely pick from his collection. The choices available include Finger Maiden Therolina Puppet, Jarwight Puppet, Dolores the Sleeping Arrow Puppet, and if players delivered their potion successfully.

Players don’t have to contemplate their choices too much if they’ve been collected starlight shards during their exploration of the Lands Between, for the choices to obtain the remaining puppets will be made available to the player later down the line, with starlight shards being the trading currency.

It is important to note that this opportunity to confront Seluvis about his puppet room will become void after substantial progression made through Ranni’s storyline. If the player’s already acquired the secret treasure of Nokron as Ranni desired, Seluvis will be found dead at his tower, with his corpses lootable for the Preceptor Set and his Bell Bearing containing the sorceries that you’ve yet to purchase. His corpse can still be interacted with after the fact, as a way for players to obtain puppets, again, using starlight shards. Players should also check up on Pidia, as there’s some event that’s occurred on his end as well.

Elden Ring is available now on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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