How to Play Lifeweaver in Overwatch 2: Healing Technique, Playstyle, and Strategies

Lifeweaver is easy to pick up but hard to master.

by Noah Nelson
Image: Blizzard Entertainment

Lifeweaver is the new Hero coming to Overwatch 2 in Season 4 and he has a diverse kit that can make him seem hard to use at first. When seen in contrast to other Support Heroes, Lifeweaver seems a bit weaker since his healing capabilities don’t initially seem as strong. While he isn’t the strongest healer in Overwatch 2, his interesting abilities can shift the gameplay in your favor.

How to Master Lifeweaver’s Healing Technique

Lifeweaver’s primary is called Healing Blossom. It is an ability that can be charged up to 65 or tapped for quicker, but smaller, healing. It has a lot of range, auto-locks onto allies, and can even go through walls.

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After experiencing Lifeweaver’s healing ability, Healing Blossom might not seem as viable. However, after talking with the devs who made Lifeweaver, they suggest that tap healing and trying to play catch up won’t work with Lifeweaver.

To master Lifeweaver’s healing, you need to charge the heal before your allies become wounded. With a fully charged heal, you can recover a lot of health, but the tap heal is too slow and too weak and playing catch up with charged heals gets your allies dead too fast.

Lifeweaver’s healing ability is similar to Kiriko’s, but his takes more prep. If you keep that in mind, you’ll master Lifeweaver’s healing and successfully support your team.

How to Master Lifeweaver’s Playstyles and Strategies

Like all Support Heroes, Lifeweaver should never be in front and rarely ever dive. To be a great Lifeweaver main, you need to use his Petal Platform to get your less mobile teammates to the best placements and use his Life Grip to save your aggressive Tank.

Petal Platform, an ability that creates a lifting platform, and Life Grip, an ability that pulls an ally to Lifeweaver, are two abilities that have several use cases. Get creative with Lifeweaver’s kit — Petal Platform can deny enemy ultimates and Life Grip can be used on an ally using an ultimate for even more devastation.

Lifeweaver takes the stereotypical Support playstyles, but can also use his Rejuvenating Dash and Thorn Volley secondary to get into a good position for a well-executed Life Grip that wipes the enemy team. Lifeweaver’s ultimate, Tree of Life, is also insanely good and will keep all your allies in a specific area alive enough to wipe the enemy team. Overall, Lifeweaver is a fresh Support hero with a lot of possibilities.

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