Best Support Heroes in Overwatch 2: Ranked Healer Tier List

I need healing!

by Elliott Gatica


If you play a Support Hero in Overwatch 2, you are the real MVP. You’re tasked to keep your entire team alive or buff them to defeat the opposition. Without you, the team will have to retreat or die too often, feeding easy ultimates to the enemy. If you don’t know where exactly to start, check out this tier list of the best Support Heroes in Overwatch 2.

Best Support Heroes Tier List in Overwatch 2

This tier list is subjective. With the game being new, metas will change from season to season. As it stands right now, the roster is fairly balanced, but there are still some standouts above the rest.


Lucio, Mercy, Moira

These Heroes are basically staples in a solid team comp. If you don’t know who to pick, you can’t go wrong with at least having one of these on your team. They provide healing that beats out the others.

Lucio provides constant health regeneration to his nearby teammates with his Healing Boost, but can also give a Speed Boost to allies within range. All he has to really do is make use of his mobility to not get killed. He can even dish out decent damage with his Sonic Amplifier and push enemies away with the Soundwave ability.

Mercy is also one of the best choices as a Support because she can provide strong burst healing for a single teammate. With her Guardian Angel ability, she can fly to different allies, providing quick healing. As she moves back and forth providing strong healing, she can even Resurrect dead allies. Despite all of her nerfs and reworks over the years, she’s still just as strong.

As for Moira, all of her abilities double as both damage and support. As a Support, she already has passive healing over time but also gets her health back from her Biotic Grasp. She can also make heavy use of her Biotic Orb which quickly charges her Ultimate. If she’s ever in a tough situation, she can use her Fade ability, making her easily escape.


Ana, Baptiste, Brigitte, Kiriko, Zenyatta

The rest of the Support Heroes fall under A-Tier. They aren’t too far behind in terms of team effectiveness like the S-Tiers. The top tiers are just more flexible and can pair well with nearly all Hero compositions. Those in this tier fit more of a niche, meaning they have to complement the playstyles of their teammates.

For example, Baptiste, Ana, and Kiriko can all provide decent healing but also double as having offensive strategies up their sleeves. You can’t rely on them to heal you in a pinch or keep you alive when under fire. They don’t provide as much as Mercy or even Moira can.

When you get to other Heroes like Brigitte and Zenyatta who can heavily soften up targets or even isolate some, it’ll also be difficult to get reliable burst healing. They can definitely provide lots of healing, but don’t rely on them so heavily. More coordination is needed to suit their playstyles.

The balance in this game is pretty solid so far. There aren’t any outright “broken” or “weak” Support Heroes. All of them are extremely viable. Some are just a bit better than others.

Overwatch 2 is available now on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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