Attack of the Fanboy

How to Get Level 3 Purple Umbrella Keycard

Get the purple keycard to stay on the trail of the G-virus.

by William Schwartz


Entering into the Greenhouse area for the first time you’ll see a plant that has taken matters into its own hands and smashed someone against the glass of the greenhouse.  This person is wearing a Level 3 Umbrella ID bracelet which can get you where you need to go. Your ultimate goal here, if you’re playing with Leon is going to be to get that keycard off of this body by spraying this room with a herbicide.

To do this you will need to work through a multi-step quest that will require that you a couple of different things and get a couple of different items.  The items that you’re going to need to do this are the Dispersal Cartridge, the Signal Modulator and a couple of codes to access different areas.    First you’re going to want to go into the Greenhouse Control Room and enter the code in the image below into the main terminal on the wall.  This will give you access to a lower basement level which you can go through to get the signal modulator.


Once you get the signal modulator you will unlock a shortcut that will take you back the laboratory lobby.  Head back into the Greenhouse Control Room from there and then continue on with the next steps.

Next you’re going to want to go to the Greenhouse Control Room and get the Dispersal Cartridge.  This is the item that you’re going to need to use to get the key card.  However, you’re going to have to follow some instructions to actually get the solution into the cartridge. The cartridge is in the machine facing the glass with the bright green light.

Once you have the dispersal cartridge you can take this shortcut to unlock the Solution Dispenser in the Drug Testing Lab.  If you go to the Drug Testing Lab without unlocking it you will only get the instructions on how to make the solution. You can use the code below in the terminal in the Greenhouse Control Room to unlock the Solution Dispenser.


Once you have the dispenser opened you can go to the testing lab to make a solution.  You will need to play a mini-game that requires you swap three different tubes of liquid to make it the right amount.  The final step to making the solution is to have it cooled off.  You’re going to head down the hatch that you opened with that previous code and then find a Signal Modulator on the wall with the letters MURF.  It’s in the Lobby where you encountered the zombies and two Lickers.


Head to the Circuit Breaker in the Lounge at the location in the image below.  The circuit breaker will say MURF.  You will want to examine the signal modulator in your inventory and tune it to the right signal before trying to place it on the circuit breaker.

Using the image above, this is what it should look like.  The signals should be lined up exactly. If you have the signal modulator tuned to the correct frequency you should see the lights come on after you place it on the circuit breaker.  Once the lights do come on just head down the hallway to the Low Temp Testing Lab and cool the dispersal cartridge.

Finally head back to the Greenhouse Control Room and use the filled and cooled cartridge in the dispersal machine that you got it from and it will kill the plants in the greenhouse, allowing you to go in and take the Level III keycard.  Like the previous key card, you will need to combine it with your ID bracelet and you’ll get senior staff level III clearance in the Umbrella Lab allowing you to access purple doors.  This clearance will allow you to access the West Area of the Laboratory and continue the story.

For those playing with Claire

The walkthrough above is for Leon A.  Claire’s playthrough has a similar structure but they are both trying to make something different in the machine.  You can use the images below to gain access to the different areas of the greenhouse area for Claire.


Claire Greenhouse  Ladder Code


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