Kingdom Hearts 3 How to Get Fluorite

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Fluorite is one of the collectible materials in Kingdom Hearts 3 that will allow you to craft items.   Fluorite isn’t easy to find in Kingdom Hearts 3 but there are some specific activities that you can do to up your chances of finding it.

There are a couple of different places that you will want to be looking to find Fluorite.  The first, and most obvious, is to keep an eye out for the different Fluorite veins in the game world.  These large rock deposits will give you fluorite but they are a finite resource.

You can also try to farm fluorite in Kingdom Hearts 3 by heading into the flying segments of the game where you can destroy asteroids that will sometimes drop fluorite.  This method is not 100% and will likely result in a lot of time spent where you aren’t actually getting fluorite a large percentage of the time.

Once you progress deep enough into Kingdom Hearts 3 you will be able to purchase Fluorite.  After progressing past the Monstropolis level you can purchase Fluorite from the Moogle Shop for 500 Munnie.

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