Maneater – How to Save

Simple and easy, but essential

by Kyle Hanson

Maneater features a surprisingly long and robust single player campaign, featuring tons of unlocks and upgrades that you’ll surely want to retain each time you stop playing. Keeping a solid save file has become a key part of every modern gaming experience. With Maneater there’s a lot of incentive to make sure you save your progress, as you complete tons of missions and gather resources that are essential to the gameplay experience. So let’s break down how it works. Here’s how to save in Maneater.

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How to Save

Maneater, like most modern games, features an auto-save mechanic. What this means is that you don’t actually have to worry all that much about managing your save. In fact, Maneater goes a bit further than most other games by not even featuring a manual save function. So if you like to be sure, triggering a save right before you end your nightly gaming session, you unfortunately can’t. But thankfully there’s not much reason to be upset as the auto-save works quite well.

Don’t expect it to save your progress down to the second, but if you have completed your most recent mission, swum by the Grotto and done some upgrades, or anything else that triggers an auto-save to kick in, you’re all set. I wouldn’t suddenly end the game while exploring deep within a cave system or anything, but if you aren’t currently engaging in a specific task or objective, you’re almost always safe to just back out of the game and come back to it later.

So that’s how to save in Maneater, which essentially boils down to “don’t worry about it”, at least too much. The game will handle it for you and should do so pretty well, but always be midnful as you go to leave whether an auto-save might have triggered recently or not.