Marvel’s Iron Man VR – How To Set A New Basketball Record

Like a little trip to the arcade.

by Dean James
Marvel's Iron Man VR

Marvel’s Iron Man VR might have a little more to it than you would expect based on your typical VR experiences. Not only do you have the 8-10 hour story to play and enjoy, but the game has some other little things you can do as well. Some of these involve collectibles, such as getting more armor types for Iron Man in the game, while some others are just little fun inclusions you’ll come across. One of these is an arcade style basketball game you can participate in. There is a trophy tied to the basketball game in Marvel’s Iron Man VR titled Iron Hoop Dreams and this guide will explain what you need to unlock it.

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How To Set A New Basketball Record

Like the pull-ups trophy, this is not something you will have available right away to you in the game. You instead have to wait a few chapters into the game when you are told to go to the upper area of the garage and answer the phone when Pepper calls.

After this call, you will have multiple points of interest in this balcony area to choose from. For the purposes of this trophy, we want to go to the one in the back right corner from the phone where you will notice an arcade basketball machine.

Once you are in front of the arcade basketball unit, press the button in front to start and grab a ball with either hand by holding down the trigger. From there, literally just start shooting the ball like you really would if you were playing the game in real life. You will have to get used to the physics a bit here, as you can’t arc your shot too much here. The is also bound to glitch out a bit too, so be wary of that.

There will be a high score listed on the back of the game unit, which should be set at eight, at least on Super Heroic. Just keep shooting and get to nine baskets made in the time limit and you will unlock the Iron Hoop Dreams trophy.