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Metro Exodus: How to Put on and Take off your Gas Mask

To stay alive, you need to be able to breathe

by Kyle Hanson


The Metro series does a whole lot that’s different from other shooters. One of these things is its heavy focus on radiation and the various toxins spread through the atmosphere after the nuclear attacks of World War III. To survive, you have to keep yourself healthy and avoid taking these toxins into your system, which means you need a good, working gas mask. If you’re new to the series, you might not know how it all works, so here’s how to put on and take off your gas mask in Metro Exodus.

The game makes this pretty easy, assigning the gas mask to a single button or input. On PC it is the G button, and on PS4 and Xbox One it’s down on the d-pad. You can’t just press G or down though, you need to hold it to trigger the effect. Pressing it will just wipe away the dirt and grime. Once you hold it down though, you’ll either put it on or take it off. If you aren’t already wearing your gas mask, you will put it on. If you are, then you will take it off. How do you know when to do these things?

Easy. If Artyom starts to struggle for breath then you’ve entered a toxic area and need to put your gas mask on. How do you know when to take it off though? That’s where your wrist strap comes in. Here is a gauge showing how dangerous the area is. Check it frequently to see when the noxious gases have cleared and you’ll be able to take your gas mask off.

And that’s how to put on and take off your gas mask in Metro Exodus.

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