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Metro Exodus: How to Switch to the Air Gun (Tikhar)

Special weapons require special input

by Kyle Hanson


By the end of your journey to find a new, clean home for Artyom and his pals, you’ll have racked up a lot of weaponry to choose from. One of the most important is the Air Gun, officially called the Tikhar. This weapon sits in a third slot in your inventory, with only the Crossbow occupying the same slot. While hitting Y will quickly change weapons between your main two items, there’s another way to get this thing out of your backpack. Here’s how to switch to the Air Gun (Tikhar) in Metro Exodus.

As explained above, switching between your two main weapons happens with a simple button press. Y on Xbox One, Triangle on PS4, and the mouse wheel on PC will switch between these two things. But the Air Gun is different, and requires something else to pull it out of your backpack. The answer is that you need to hold the Y or Triangle button, and on PC you need to just press 3. This will put away your other weapon and pull out the Tikhar instead. Once you have it out, you might not be ready to use it though. If you’re having trouble with the Air Gun, check out this guide on how to pump it.

Once you’re done using the Air Gun, you can change weapons normally. Hitting Y or Triangle will just swap to the weapon you had out before, and you can hit it again to change to the other main gun. On PC you can just use the number keys, or the mouse wheel to swap between your two main weapons.

And that’s how to switch to the Air Gun (Tikhar) in Metro Exodus.

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