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Microsoft Flight Simulator – How to Look Around

Check out all the sights.

by William Schwartz


Microsoft Flight Simulator is a complex game.  With buttons and keys for everything under the sun, we don’t blame you for not knowing how to do something as simple as looking around.  Depending on what you’re using as the input device, the mouse and keyboard or a controller, looking around will be done differently.

How to Look Around in Microsoft Flight Simulator

  • Look with Controller
  • Look with Mouse
  • Look with Keys

Look with the Controller

Looking around with a controller is actually the easiest because it’s tied directly to the right analog stick.  Simply move the right analog stick in the direction that you want to look and you can do so.  This will allow you to look from the first person perspective when in cockpit view.  This also works when you are in the third-person viewpoint from behind the plane.

Looking around with Mousewsdaw

If you hold the right mouse button and move the mouse you can look around while in the first person.  This works the same in the third person.

Looking around with Keyboard

You can also look around using the keyboard in a couple of different ways.  You can use the arrow keys by themselves to freely look around in the first person view.  You can also use the ctrl button plus the arrow keys to look out both sides of the plane, above and behind you.

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