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Microsoft Flight Simulator – How to Take Off

Follow these steps and you'll be in the air in no time.

by William Schwartz


Microsoft Flight Simulator is all about flying and each plane has unique features, but almost all of the planes adhere to the same principles of flight.  In this guide we’ll explain exactly what you need to know to take off in Microsoft Flight Simulator.  From removing the parking brake to acceleration, steering, and eventual lift off.  Here’s everything you need to know about how to take off in Microsoft Flight Simulator.

How to Take Off in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

The first thing you want to do when trying to take off in Microsoft Flight Simulator is to make sure that the parking break has been taken off.  This can be done by pressing the Y/B buttons on the Xbox One controller.  This can also be done with the keyboard by pressing the Ctrl + Num Del keys on the keyboard.  If you’re using the mouse and instrument panel, you’ll need to locate the parking break lever and click it with the mouse.

Next thing is to throttle up

Once you’ve got the parking brake removed it’s time to throttle up.  In this instance we’ll assume  you’re already lined up on the runway.  No taxiing needed so you simply need to engage the throttle.  Open the throttle by pressing the A Button on the Xbox Controller.  This can also be done by pressing the F1 on the keyboard.  Again if using the instrument panel you will need to find the throttle lever and increase it.

Keep the Nose Up

Once you’ve got some speed going you’re going to need to get the nose of the plane up so that you can take flight.  To do this you will either need to use the analog stick on the controller to raise the nose of the plane or you can use the number keys.  Pressing the number 1 on the keypad will raise the nose.  On controller you simply need to tilt the left analog stick down.

Once you’ve got the nose up you should  get lift-off.  Once in the air get a nice angle to ascend to your desired altitude.

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