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Monster Hunter: World Crafting Guide

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A major aspect of the Monster Hunter series is crafting — the process of combining materials you find lying around different areas in order to create new items. Monster Hunter: World is no different in this regard, but there are some new features that have been added which makes the process considerably more streamlined.

Again, at its core, crafting is the same in Monster Hunter: World as it has ever been. Simply go to the menu screen and bring up the crafting list. The list is separated into two main categories, the general “crafting list,” which shows all the items you can create, and “craftable,” which only displays the items that you have enough materials to create.

From there, the list is separated further into three major subcategories: “Healing/Support,” “Traps/Offense” and “Ammo/Coatings,” which all house different items based on their function. Lastly, there is an “all” tab which houses every recipe you can create. This tab seems cumbersome at first, but players can actually customize this list and move all the items they want to the front page for easy access.

Players would have had to do all this on their own in the past, but Capcom was kind enough to add a new feature in Monster Hunter: World called Auto-crafting, which allows players to mark specific items to be automatically crafted whenever you collect enough materials to make them. You don’t even have to enter the crafting menu to start the process, the game will do it for you as you run around and even while you’re in combat.

Though auto-crafting is a blessing, it’s still a feature that is best used in moderation. If you want to hold on to certain items you found on the field — rarer ones in particular — it would be wise to turn off any recipes that use them or you might find yourself missing them when you need them most. Similarly, it would be wise to not turn on multiple recipes that have a material in common or else the game could make the wrong item by mistake, leaving it unable to craft the item you actually want when the time comes.

And for the items that you do choose to manually craft, know that you can hold them the confirm button to quickly create them in bulk.

As for which items you should focus on crafting? Though there is a guide for that, here are a few:

— Mega Potion: Potion + Honey
— Energy Drink: Nitroshroom + Honey
— Shock Trap: Trap Tool + Thunderbug
— Tranq Bomb: Sleep Herb + Parashroom

That’s it for crafting. Crafting has always been a simple affair and its even simpler in Monster Hunter: World, so take everything mentioned above to heart and you’ll be swimming in items — just be sure not to carry them all at once. Happy Hunting!

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