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Monster Hunter: World Guide: The Hunter’s Index

by Jelani James


Monster Hunter: World is a large game with plenty of things to do. There are people to meet, places to explore and, most importantly, monsters to hunt.

However, this is not a game that will not hold your hand and you can quickly find yourself overwhelmed with the sheer amount of things Monster Hunter: World has to offer. Though it explains things far better than it has when compared to other entries in the past, there are still other things that may fall into the cracks or simply isn’t obvious at first. Which items should I be bringing along for missions? How do I capture monsters? Why am I collecting all this mucus? Such questions will seem almost endless at the start of your adventure in the New World.

Fortunately, we’re here to help. Below you can find a series of guides that highlight some of the more difficult or complex aspects of the game. Of course, practice still makes perfect, and this information won’t equate to an auto-win; but you will certainly be better equipped for the long road ahead.


Essential Items

Crafting 101

Weapon Overview

Hunting Tips

How To Mount Monsters

How To Capture Monsters

Research Points, Levels And What They Do

Playing Nice With Others Online

How To Forge And Upgrade Equipment

How to Fish

How to Upgrade Canteen

Pausing the Game

How to Play Online

Using Lucky Vouchers


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