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Hunting Tips For Monster Hunter: World

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You’ve got gathering down, you know which items to pack and you’re done practicing with your weapon(s); so, what’s next? Hunting monsters, of course! Monsters come in all shapes and sizes in Monster Hunter: World and while each requires a unique strategy to take down efficiently, there are some rules which apply to all of them.

Here are some important tips to know regardless of which monster you’re squaring off against:

Mind Your Surroundings

Before you’re ready to engage your target, you should take note of everything around you and be continuously aware of them as you’re fighting. Based on the terrain and its inhabitants, the course of battle can change in the blink of the eye. Finding yourself up against a wall is an easy way to get killed, as is not paying attention to other enemies who may be wandering around. Of course, you can also use the terrain to your advantage, such as rolling in water if you’re on fire or moving to a different elevation based on the type of attacks the target uses.

Examine The Target’s Movements

Other than a few “starter” monsters, every enemy in Monster Hunter: World has a wide array of attacks that you’ll need to recognize and learn to avoid (or block if you weapon permits it). Furthermore, every enemy has one or two special attacks that deal heavy damage, but are highly telegraphed. If nothing else, learn to recognize and dodge those attacks, as they’ll generally leave themselves open to a counterattack afterwards.

Identify Weakpoints And Weaknesses

You can’t really be faulted for not knowing where to target an enemy or what to target it with on your first encounter, but there are some ways to figure it out. First off, pay attention to where you’re fighting the monster and the types of attacks it uses. For example, enemies who hang around water are usually resistant to water damage, but vulnerable to fire and/or lightning. Second, take note of the amount of damage you’re doing when the target. If it you notice that one part of the body is taking higher amounts of damage than others, then keep hitting it! Just be aware that different parts of a body are vulnerable to different types of damage, so one weapon might be more effective on a monsters stomach, but another one will be more effective on its legs.

Don’t Get Greedy

Identifying a monster’s weakness doesn’t give you license to attack recklessly. Pay attention to its movements and be sure that the opening provides enough time to get however many hits your weapon allows AND prepare for the next strike. You have more than enough time to complete missions, but you’ll lose plenty of it if you die and get carted back to base.

Destroy Important Body Parts

A monster’s weapon is its body, so it stands to reason that damaging and even destroying parts of its body will greatly hamper its offense. Does a monster like using its tail? Destroy it loses some range. Sick of the target flying around? Damage the wings so it can’t fly as often. If the promise of an easier battle isn’t enough for you, destroying various body parts will also yield bonus rewards after the mission ends.

Play Dirty

There is no honor in Monster Hunter: World, so do whatever it takes to defeat the target. Explosives, Torchpods, Drugged Meat — if you have them in your inventory and the boss can seemingly be effected by them, then use them. They can’t complain if they’re dead.

Capitalize On Exhaustion

Just like you, monsters will steadily lose stamina as the battle continues, eventually running out completely. They’ll usually start drooling when this happens, becoming sluggish and oftentimes failing to properly execute attacks that they would have executed flawlessly otherwise. If they choose to stick around and fight, then ramp up the pressure and hit them for all you’re worth. On the other hand, if they start to run away, then this means that its trying to recover their stamina by eating. Track its movements and wait until it starts eating to land a few uncontested attacks.


As the battle wages on, you might notice that a monster will suddenly roar or do some other special action like jumping up and down. This means that its enranged and it will now devote every ounce of energy to ensure that you die — regardless of the state that it was in before. Not only will all its stats increase, but it will also become far more aggressive and even gain new properties, allowing them to quickly down any hunter who foolishly lets down the guard. Monsters can still be damaged in this state, but its usually easier to just play it safe and wait until they calm down.

Watch For The Limp

If you’ve adequately paid heed to the past tips, then eventually the monster will start to limp. This is a good thing, as it means that it’s weakened and nearly down for the count. You have two options at this point: kill or capture. Regardless of which option you choose (ideally capture), be sure to follow it back to its lair so you can execute your plan of action without any interruptions. Simply wait for it to fall asleep and either hit it for bonus damage or set up a trap and wake it up before luring it inside.

If you follow these general guidelines you will be well on your way to handle any monster that crosses your path. Of course, some are harder than others and it will definitely take a few tries to get everything down pat, but such occurrences are simply par the course in Monster Hunter: World. Happy Hunting!

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