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Monster Hunter World Guide: How to Make a Squad and Play With Friends Online

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Monster Hunter World allows you to make a squad for missions and play with friends online.  Before you’re able to group up with friends, however, you’ll need to complete a small portion of the game by yourself.  More specifically after you’ve completed your first quest you will be able to do quests with other players by making an online session.

You can make a Squad by inviting other players through the Communications tab in the game’s menu.  Within this Communications tab there is another menu called Squads that allows you to perform numerous actions.  You can view the member list, add a message about you or your squad for others to see, you can join squads that you currently have invitations for, and you can invite others to join your squad.  Squad leaders are the only ones that can invite new members.

As far as Squad Invitations go, you can choose to accept invitations or not.  You do not have to decide whether or not you want accept an invitation right away as you can save up to 8 invites, with the oldest invites being deleted first.

Other ways to play Monster Hunter World Online

Starting an Online Session

Upon starting a new game of Monster Hunter World you can choose to search for an online session or create an online session.  If you search for a session you can use matchmaking, filters, or search via Session ID.  If you’ve played with other players recently, you can also search for them through your player history.

Creating an Online Session

If you want to create your own online instance you can do that as well.  Here you can create a session for different player levels, quest preferences, and privacy settings.

Posting a Quest Through Handler or Quest Board

If you post a new quest through either the Handler or Quest Board you can form an online session.  When posting the quest you will be given the option to change the number of players and set a passcode for the game.  Here you will also be able to use a Lucky Voucher to boost your rewards.

SOS Flare

There are multiple ways to invite other players into your game or join other games.  If you find that a mission is too difficult for you by yourself you can use an SOS flare to call others for help.  The SOS flare defaults to your quest permission settings with regard to being password protected.  SOS flares will remain active until you’ve completed a mission or failed it.

You can also answer SOS Flares from other players by using the Quest Board or Handler options to search for SOS flares from other players.

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