Monster Hunter World Guide: What Do Lucky Vouchers Do?

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Lucky Vouchers in Monster Hunter World are used when posting a quest.  Upon completing the quest you’ll always receive rewards for completing it, but you’ll have the opportunity to get better rewards if you use a Lucky Voucher.  Lucky Vouchers are a consumable items that will give  you Random Quest rewards that are guaranteed to drop items as well as double your reward money.

So how do you get Lucky Vouchers?  These items can be obtained through login bonuses.  One voucher will be delivered each day and you can claim up to five days worth of vouchers at once.  Only five Lucky Vouchers can be carried at a time.

How to use Lucky Voucher:  When posting a new quest you can choose to use a Lucky Voucher by pressing the Y/Triangle Button.  If you have a Lucky Voucher in your inventory this will toggle whether or not you want to use the item. Here you will see how many Lucky Vouchers you own and you’ll be able to tell whether the voucher is being used as the icon will glow in green.

If you die too many times or fail to complete a mission within the time period the Lucky Voucher will be wasted.

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