Monster Hunter World Guide: How to Upgrade Canteen

by William Schwartz


The Canteen in Monster Hunter World is a good place to rest, recover, and prepare for your hunts.  But you can also upgrade the Canteen as you play.  If you approach the canteen normally you will sit down and be given the option to pay with either money or points for different meals that include varying ingredients.  You’ll notice that many of the ingredients are unknown.

However if you go behind the table and talk to the Meowscular Chef, they’ll give you a quest that will help bulk up the Canteen with more items to use.

These quests will be activated just like other quests through the Handler or Quest Board.  They will most likely be found in the Optional Quest tab.

Upon completing the initial quest from the Chef, you can return to the Canteen to find that more ingredients have been added to the inventory giving you access to more meals with differing effects. Since this will be a delivery quest, once you gather the necessary items they will be delivered automatically.  This means that they will not be added to your item pouch and there is no need to manage inventory to free up space for these items.

Continue going back to the Chef to keep leveling the Canteen as they will keep giving you new quests to continue adding things to the Canteen inventory.

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- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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