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Monster Hunter World Guide: Can You Pause the Game?

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There are many times in Monster Hunter World where you might need to take a break from the action.  Unfortunately there is not an actual pause button that you can press to keep you out of harm’s way.

Even in the offline mode there is no pause button and this seems to be because the game was built around online play.  This makes sense as having one player paused when in a group of other players just doesn’t make much sense.  Monster Hunter World doesn’t have an in-game pause feature there are some ways around this.  You can put your console into rest mode on the PlayStation 4 which some people are reporting as working as a pause feature in offline mode.

Many of the missions in Monster Hunter World can be long, so make sure you’re going to have enough time to complete it before you start as there’s no way to save your progress or pause the game during a quest.

Alternatively, if you aren’t in the middle of a mission, heading back to the headquarters will allow you to be in somewhat of a paused state as you cannot be killed there.

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