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Naraka Bladepoint Characters: Bios, Skills, and Ultimates

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Naraka Bladepoint currently features six playable characters, each with their own skills and ultimates that define their playstyle. Much like Champions in Apex Legends, Heroes in Naraka possess unique kits, though you can customize their appearance as you see fit. Other than that, their skills and ultimates are fixed, though there are some variants for each to choose between. These characters have their own style, personality, and flair, so players want to know what makes each special.

Below I’ve listed all six of the currently available characters in Naraka Bladepoint, to include their bios, skills, and ultimates (as well as the variants for each). Hopefully this guide will help you figure out which Hero best suits your playstyle.

Naraka Bladepoint Characters


Viper Ning

“The Crimson Viper. As beautiful as she is deadly. The Blind Blademaster of West Kunlun. Viper Ning’s very blood has long been suffused with deadly poison. She stands atop the precipice of all mankind, her blades ever at the ready. Her eyes shall never behold this world until the time of destiny is nigh.”

  • Skill: Yushan Enigma
    • A basic skill of the Yushan Whisperers that focuses one’s inner energies, then releases them in a blast that damage enemies and knocks them back a significant distance.
    • Can interrupt an enemy’s Blue Focus.
      • Lockdown: enemies can’t use skills or ultimates, but their Focus moves become uninterruptable for 8 seconds.
      • Enfeeble: reduces the amount of healing enemies receive, but makes their Focus moves uninterruptable for 15 seconds.
  • Ultimate: Twilight Crimson
    • Viper Ning summons the God of Yin’s eye, marking nearby enemies. During this time she cannot attack. Once the summon is complete, marked enemies are stunned.
    • The eye may only mark enemies that are visible to Viper Ning.
    • The summoning takes 5 seconds, and stuns enemies for 5 seconds.
      • Seal: Enemies cannot use their skills or ultimates during the summoning, and they are only stunned for 2 seconds.
      • Unchained: Enemies cannot use their skills or ultimates and Viper Ning can move freely during the summoning, but enemies will no longer be stunned after the summoning ends.



“During his travels throughout the lands, he finally found his calling: to save this world, even if it meant his own sacrifice. With the might of a raging thunder he transforms into a titanic Vajra warrior that smites all before it. All those who dare stand in its path shall feel the fire of its unbridled fury.”

  • Skill: The Divine Bell
    • Tianhai protects himself with Qi to resist all physical attacks, reflecting ranged projectiles back at the shooter. This skill can be used when under attack.
      • Counter: Disarms enemies that attack with Blue Focus, but Tianhai can’t use the skill while under attack.
      • Blast: will send surrounding enemies flying, but the skill cannot be used while under attack.
  • Ultimate: Titan’s Call
    • Tianhai transforms into a Vajra. Given the Vajra’s huge size, this can only be cast in open areas. The Varja’s body parts that shine are its weak points.
    • In this state, left-click to grab distant enemies, or right-click to grab those nearby. Press F to smash grabbed enemies into the ground. Pressing F without an enemy in hand has the Varja stomp the ground to issue a shock wave, disabling enemies’ Grappling Hooks.
    • The Varja’s max Energy scales with the number of players set in the current mode. Tianhai stays in Varja form for 40 seconds, and can cancel it early by holding down V.
      • Guard: can grab teammates, gradually restoring their health and armor. Skill now lasts 35 seconds.
      • Stomping the ground with F while holding an enemy will restore some health to the Varja. The skill now lasts 30 seconds.



“Kurumi, known as the Flower of Helioth. Naturally gifted, she continues an ancient line of Onmyoji masters. Kurumi set out from her homeland in search of mystery and to perfect her Onmyodo skills. And so, she embarked on the adventure of a lifetime.”

  • Skill: Ward
    • Kurumi creates a link with a teammate, healing both them and herself continuously. Hold F to release a Light Parasol as the cast target.
    • While linked, Kurumi cannot attack. Left-clicking teleports her to the target teammate, and sends nearby enemies flying; right-clicking will instantly heal both her and the target teammate, severing the link.
    • The link range is 30m and lasts for 30 seconds.
      • Resurrection: can link to the Cairns left behind by defeated teammates, reviving them from a distance. The range is reduced to 20m.
      • Dual Heal: restores both health and armor to targeted teammate. Right-click will no longer heal, only sever the link. Duration increased to 90 seconds.
  • Ultimate: Sacred Circle
    • Kurumi places a healing circle, healing and ridding all of their debuffs once per second. However, the circle is unstable, easily affected by other elemental forces.
    • The circle lasts for 15 seconds.
      • Armor Enhance: effect changed from health to armor, restoring armor every 1.5 seconds.
      • Rapid Healing: no longer takes a circle form, instead instantly healing all teammates when activated.



The grasslands shall be wreaked by furious gales the day that Temulch awakens his inner power. His ancestral legends are burned into his mind, and the glory he seeks is so near he can almost taste it. The Grey Wolf shall strike again.”

  • Skill: Zephyr Wind
    • Temulch leaps into the air with the power of the wind and summons three wisps wards, each able to block a non-explosive projectile.
    • Press G to launch them, forcing enemies hit into a whirlwind. Whirlwind duration is determined by the number of remaining wisps, for a max of 3 seconds.
      • Tracking: Wisps launched will automatically track the enemy.
      • Assault: Wisps can penetrate enemies and rebound off obstacles. When they rebound they will shoot towards enemies again.
  • Ultimate: Zephyr Prison
    • Temulch leaps forward and channels the power of the wind to create a barrier all around, slightly knocking back nearby enemies. Zephyr Prison blocks all ranged attacks. Enemies who enter or exit Zephyr Prison, save for enemy Temulch heroes, who are slowed. This barrier lasts for 15 seconds.
      • Enchanted: Temulch’s Energy recovery speed is enhanced while in the prison. Duration is reduced to 12 seconds.
      • Summon: passing into the barrier will create Zephyr Wisps. Duration reduced to 12 seconds.



“Her skills honed by the windy deserts, she is swift as an eagle. Upon further mastering an ancient secret art, she now roams the ruins much like a phantom devil. She is a graceful assassin, and nightmare incarnate for those in power.”

  • Skill: Silent Flutter
    • Whether on the ground or in the air, she can teleport a certain distance in a set direction. Press and hold F to charge this skill and teleport farther.
      • Rapid Flash: can no longer be charged, but gains two charges.
      • Retrace Flash: leaves a marker on the ground that lasts for 7.5 seconds. Press G to return to the spot.
  • Ultimate: Unseen Wings
    • After casting, Matari enters Stealth, and greatly reduces the Silent Flutter cooldown.
    • Stealth: while moving, Matari appears as an outline; while still, she is near invisible.
    • The skill lasts for 25 seconds.
      • Assassin: increases damage dealt while in special states (wall running, climbing trees, etc.). Duration reduced to 20 seconds.
      • Group Stealth: all teammates within a certain range enter Stealth. Duration reduced to 12 seconds.


Tarka Ji

“Live fast, drink well, and be merry. Behind the name of the Drunken Brave, there stands a man with a love for freedom as strong as his passion for drinking. His indomitable spirit lends him strength in the face of adversity. The road ahead is fraught with hardship. But no matter how challenging, he’ll face it gladly, sword in hand.”

  • Skill: Inner Fire
    • Tarka Ji urges on his internal energies. After a time, he enters a defensive state, which he can block melee attacks. Left-clicking after a successful block initiates a counterattack on the enemy.
    • This defensive stance lasts for 3 seconds.
      • Bide: can also block non-explosive projectiles. Blocking three blocked attacks initiates a counterattack. The power of the counterattack is increased by multiple successive blocked attacks. Duration increased to 5 seconds.
      • Gigaflame: Tarka Ji channels his internal energies into a giant fireball, dealing huge damage to enemies and knocking them back.
  • Ultimate: Blackout
    • Tarka Ji envelopes himself in flame, repelling nearby enemies and significantly improving his agility. He may also bock non-explosive projectiles while sprinting.
    • This ultimate increases his Energy recovery rate and consumes Rage while in use, ending when it hits 0. Hold V to end it manually.
    • Can be used while under attack.
      • Vulcan: Inner Fire will no longer go on cooldown when used, instead consuming Energy whenever used. Blackout no longer regenerates Energy, and cannot be used while under attack.
      • Frenzy: Increases Tarka Ji’s attack power. Rage will deplete faster, but can be regained by dealing damage to enemies.

Those are all the characters currently available in Naraka Bladepoint. Bookmark this article to checkout the latest characters and their abilities whenever they are added to Naraka Bladepoint. Next up: Yoto Hime!

Naraka Bladepoint launches August 12th, 2021 on PC via Steam and Epic.

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