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NBA 2K17 Guide: How To Scan Your Face

by | @jblrules316 | on September 9, 2016

nba 2k17 screen

Scanning your face in NBA 2K17 can be hard, but it’s not impossible. Here are some tips in order for you to do it successfully because it’s not easy.

It’s worth mentioning the servers have to be up and running for you to do this successfully. If the app is running like garbage, just restart it and try again.

Step 1: The first thing you need to do is download the “NBA 2K17 – The Prelude” demo on PS4 or Xbox One. Type in the keywords exactly to find it. It’s around 15GB on each platform.

Step 2: Download the MyNBA2K17 app on iOS or Android. This is around 280MB. You have to log in using your gamertag. This way, it can tell if you downloaded the aforementioned demo or not.

Step 3: On the app, click on the “Scan Your Face” tab. You can use either the front or rear camera. You have to remove glasses, hats and other things.

Step 4: Find a good light source. If you are doing this at night, I suggest to go close to the lights in your house or find a really bright lamp. If you are not successful, try again at daytime.

Step 5: Look directly at the camera of your phone and situate your face in the middle of it. You want to rotate your face slowly in a 30 degree angle so that it can take shots of your whole face. Make sure to move your face and not the device itself.

Step 6: It has to capture 13 types of faces and make sure all of the lights are green. If done successfully, you can either retake images or upload them if you are happy.

Step 7: Go back to the PS4 or Xbox One NBA 2K17 demo and click on the “Scan Your Face” part. It will then start uploading the face of your image on the player. It has to get to 100%. After that, you can choose your own hair, playing style and more.

If it messes up during the last process, you may have to start again. It took me ages until NBA 2K17 recognized my face! Just be patient or scan your face during the daytime for the best results. For more instructions, click here for 2K’s own advice, although they’re not as specific. If you are unhappy, you can try again. My first “successful” scan made me have a huge nose.

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