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Pokemon Go Guide: Where to Find Rare Pokemon

| July 7, 2016

Pokemon Go Guide: Where to Find Rare Pokemon GameGuides Mobile  Pokemon Go Guides Pokemon Go Pokemon

Pokemon Go is all about catching Pokemon. But you don’t want any Pokemon, I mean what kind of a trainer are you if you just have a bunch of Weedles and Pidgeys? You want the rare ones, you want to find the ones that will make your friends jealous. So, here’s as much help as we can give you on where to find rare Pokemon in Pokemon Go.

Unfortunately, there’s no single answer for this. You see, it’s kind of random, with Pokemon spawning all around the world. What matters most is your physical location. If you’re in a heavily populated area, like a city, you should be flooded with Pokemon, and then it’s just a matter of being constantly vigilant in order to find the rare ones.

Walking and traveling around is the biggest and best tip for finding rare Pokemon in Pokemon Go. Try to visit different areas, not only in terms of population and geographic location, but also in their environment. If you want to catch a water Pokemon then you will have a better chance at doing that near some water, like at the beach.

If you’re more rural, or just having trouble finding Pokemon in general then be sure to watch for rustling leaves. These should signify that a Pokemon is nearby that spot. Head there and see what shows up, and it may be a rare ones.

You can also see what types of Pokemon are near your current location by tapping on the option in the bottom left of the map screen. This will show a list of nearby Pokemon, with the footsteps beneath them indicating how far away they are. Use this to try to locate the Pokemon you want to catch.

Finally, if you’re really desperate to catch some rare Pokemon you can dip into the items. Incense is the key here. This item will spawn random Pokemon at your location for a limited time. If you see a rare Pokemon near you, or just don’t feel like going for a walk/drive, use some incense and you might get lucky. Otherwise check out this guide for a little trick.

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  • Jesse Crafford

    really right now? haha it says they will tell you how to find more of the 3 starters and it doesn’t say ANYTHING! i want more chamander i can’t even try to evolve him wth

    • Jam

      I find them at gas stations constantly

      • Ash

        Hmmm didn’t notice this but I did just get a Bulbasaur and a Squirtle and that was near my local petrol station.

      • FabFab Boii

        You find charmanders at gas stations?

        • Ruthvik CA

          But can’t use phone in gas stations :p

          • gwenr

            MythBusters debunked that… use your phone; they’re everywhere!

        • GeauxAints

          Charmander was literally my first and I found him in the women’s room at work. I’m a gas station manager…

          • The three are always available first.. and they will always appear near you right away. The fact that he was right next to you isn’t luck. It’s design.

          • Sam

            Started with charmander….took until today to find a bulbasaur n only 1 day to find a 670CP tauros

          • Justin Warmuth

            Theres a hidden ed 4th. Don’t pick any of the 3 and keep running from it. Sooner or later u will receive a Pikachu for ur first poke

          • shukewaba

            This is based on the concept that Ash was too late to get one of oaks first 3 pokemon. so if you walk away enough times and make them have to reappear near you then you can get the pikachu ^.^ some people got this by accident trying the game out in a car and not figuring out how to catch the pokemon in time before pikachu popped up.

          • Pickens Hair

            I got Pikachu first.

      • Sedaxus

        I found a kakuna hanging from a pack of beef jerky I was about to buy… i’m concerned about the health and safety standards of these gas stations.

    • Cuddlefish Gaming

      hey man try your local park, i found 2 at once there. also if you check back in the same location everyday at that park there should be some nearby ive gotten 1-2 a day now and finally got my charmeleon now im just trying to get that charizard!

      • Shukewaba

        my brother started this game the other day and found 2 bulbasaurs around the house so i figured i would start with one so it would be easier to power up but found that just catching better ones was the way to go. I should have started with charmander to get it in my pokedex since i never see them.

        • Aidan bates

          You can catch good ones at night and at forests


      4 starters, actually. You can start with Pikachu, as I did, by simply walking away from the first 3 offered. They will re-spawn a few times, then they will re-spawn with a 4th option, Pikachu.

    • Jeebus

      I found squirtle at the mall lol

    • Ace

      There is an option to start the game with pikachu as your starter pokemon. When u start the game for the 1st time u can choose a starter (bulbasor, charmander or squirtle). What they don’t tell you is that a 4th option (pikachu).
      If u want to start with pikachu you have to walk away from the first 3 (walk around the block or down the street). They will reappear 3-4 times and eventually pikachu will appear for u to catch. I read this on Forbes and it actually works but will require you to restart a whole new game if you’re already playing. Hope this helps.

    • Christy Gallant

      I caught a 302 Charmander and a 204 Pickachu in my bathroom.

      When I started the game, I caught 36 pokemon (yes doubles) in an hour and reached lvl 5. It helps living next to a huge park. There is another park with 5 pokestops and a gym in walking distance, it also has a pond.

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    • Akira

      I’m kinda hesitant to click this…. e.e

      • Dat Teen Who Games


      • Ilmarinen

        You should be.
        Stuff like that is always a scam

    • ThrowAway98761


  • Kieran Kilvington

    I had such a disapponting start up when i realised you could get a charmander. I just started the game, saw a bulbasaur and impulse tapped it. I wish they had explained there were others

    • Gareth Martin

      Yeh, blame them for your stupidity. Maybe stop and think before acting.

      • James Attwood

        What’s to stop and think about? There are no in-game tips or hints about what to do. It just said to catch one of the three nearby ones, s I caught the one that jumped right in front of me. It didn’t tell me anything about what any of the three were or how I would be SOL trying to find any of them after that.

        • Gareth Martin

          Then why didnt me and my brother have this problem? We use the same game as u

          • James Attwood

            Perhaps you actually knew something about the game or what to expect? Until I loaded the game on my phone to try it out, I had never seen a Pokemon before, much less had any clue as to what to expect. Given that there are no instructions or even simple pointers or explanations, I would up making choices I would not have under normal circumstances.

          • Just svvayin

            Sometimes at the start only one of the starter appears, and you have to wait a short while before the other two will be catchable. It sucks you didn’t get your starter that you wanted, but after playing for 2 days I’ve literally never used my starting bulbasaur. Just today I caught one over 300 CP, compared to the 12 CP one you start with. Just play the game out and enjoy it – in time you’ll find a charmander or maybe ever a charizard thats 100x stronger than your starter would have been.

          • Jack Spade

            actuallt, not quite. You see, while that Charizard may be more powerful, thats just because he’s a higher evolution. If you were to wait it out and level up your starting charmander, he’d actually be better. At least in my case, my Bulbisore is XL in weight and size, I caught two of the same pokemon, and while the only difference was their weight and size (one was far superior to the other) that difference made him much better in battle at the gym. I’m guessing that I didnt win the starter lottery, and most peoples first pokemon are also XL size and weight. This means that in the long run, your first pokemon is still mucu better.

          • Shukewaba

            the larger the pokemons weight the higher its cp potential but i don’t think its that much greater. Starters would take lots of stardust to keep them up in cp with the ones you catch but you can still catch a fat one if you’re lucky at a high cp just as easily. Although bigger pokemon have higher CP at max power the smaller ones are faster at attacking in the gym just don’t hit as hard (im not sure how much of a difference in CP weight gives but the max cp cap is based on your trainer level, the higher you go the higher the pokemon can be boosted if you plan to use a lot of stardust on powering up the go heavy but if not stick to speed) on a side note for some reason anything you evolve the weight seems to divebomb… i evolved dozens of XL pokemon only for them to come out XS or barely normal sized (some of them were smaller then the base form – 3kg pidgy evolved into a 1kg pidgeotto for example)

          • Dogman922

            My wife got the game last ight, and oly bulbasaur popped up. I told her ot to, because i kow she prefers charmander, she ran, waited 2 goddamn minutes, the the others showed up. I didn’t have this problem, it may be a wifi issue

          • Undreamt13

            Yeah I’m sure the fact that you waited two more seconds than he did makes him a moron

          • Gareth Martin

            I’d say even 1 second but yes.

      • clikes2004

        I made the same mistake. I thought it was just a tutorial at first. The other two didn’t even show up on my radar.

        • Virginia Bowman

          I herd if you run away from the start up Pokemon in the beginning 4 times or something pikachu shows up. Never did it myself, took bulbasaur instead. Some of the people ended up crashing there game tho so be careful hahaha

          • Atto

            it works, i did it for my pikachu

          • Monica Ellis

            I got lucky and hatched a Pikachu. Honestly, I didn’t know any of this either, and Balbasaur was the first one that showed up on mine. But I didn’t get him (and it wasn’t on purpose, I started the game while waiting on my dentist to come in, and he came in the room right when I was about to catch him. When I left the office, I got Charmander. Have been playing a week now, and still haven’t seen another Balbasaur :/

      • Daniel Keats Buompane

        wow Gareth, you seem a bit obnoxious about how someone starts a video game. Grow up.

        • Gareth Martin

          Why don’t you quit being a white knight on the internet? Like a give a fuck if you tell me to grow up.

          go fuck yourself and stop sticking up for people that are to shit to even pick a starter. Little kids play this game.

          • Daniel Keats Buompane

            Why don’t you quit being an internet tough guy. Little kids go around comment sections, saying things they would never have the balls to say in real life. Oh, and you said you the play the game too, you little beta. Now, again, grow up.

          • Gareth Martin

            no one here is acting tough. I said little kids play this game… referring to the easiness of the game itself. Not that adults don’t play it. Fucking use your brain.

          • numbers1311407

            Quit picking on Gareth. Don’t you know he’s a vewwy big boy? Aren’t you a vewwy big boy Gareth? Awww you’re so smart! What a little cutie you are. We’re all so impressed.

          • Gareth Martin

            Impressed with what? I have yet to gloat about my accolades…

          • Matthew van der Zee

            hope you are having a good day, maybe if you were dominating in pokemon you wouldnt be lipping people off

          • Gareth Martin

            Great day. took a gym and got a shit ton of pokemon. That doesn’t stop the guy from being an idiot.

          • rob davidson

            If you was so good at the game you wouldnt be googleing how to get better

          • Gareth Martin

            Everyone can improve. If it helps your ignorance this page didn’t help me at all.

          • Daniel Keats Buompane

            Gareth is probably some kid acting out his little tough guy fantasy. Most likely doesn’t get much attention, it doesn’t have many real life successes to show for. At least in the Internet though he can go around and try to “belittle” people about how they play a game. It’s actually a bit sad.

          • Gareth Martin

            No one is acting tough. I’m saying the guy is an idiot. Simple. You are the one acting tough defending losers on the internet.

          • Daniel Keats Buompane

            Maybe you’re confused. It’s obvious you’re ACTING tough because you would never talk to people like this in real life. You’re only tough behind the safety of your screen. Get it? That’s acting tough.

          • Mrclicky

            your dumb gareth

          • Gareth Martin

            No I’m not.

          • CTW

            Perhaps not, but you are most certainly an obnoxious narcissist.

          • Gareth Martin

            Fine by me.

          • roy

            can anyone say me how to move avatar???
            if iam moving its not i tryed only at home

          • Joey


          • Jonathan Palmer

            Alright Gareth, lets analyze your main point: “This guy is an idiot”. What do you say makes him an idiot? The fact that he possibly missed the other two Pokemon in a game that is actually notoriously vague about how to play it. You ignore any possibility that it could be a glitch in the game itself, and just go ahead and assume that you know everything that happened to the guy. I mean, sure, the guy could be an idiot, but there is logically no way you could actually know that from a brief statement on this comment section. What does this mean? Either you are the idiot, a troll, or just an internet tough guy with something to prove.

          • Timothy W Flanders


          • Gareth Martin

            ” You ignore any possibility that it could be a glitch in the game itself, and just go ahead and assume that you know everything that happened to the guy. ”

            Not once did i say any of this. You are making assumptions. Maybe you are also an idiot? Probably.

            If you are asking me which one of those is me then i’d say “tough guy with something to prove”. Though I’m not tough at all.

            The OP stated his actions were on impulse and not using his brain. That is stupid. Next time he might try thinking before acting. Also this isn’t the main series were your starter matters. Just hatch a few 2km eggs and bam ull get which ever starter you like. He is an idiot. and I just proved it.

          • Jim Snijworst

            lol internet

      • Megan

        What did you get out of making this comment?

        • Gareth Martin

          Not a lot. What did you get out of yours?

          • eric herrera

            she got an ignorant asshole with a big mouth. people won’t ever take you seriously in the real world if you have an attitude like this. hope it gets you far

      • Veteri

        I’m sorry but there’s no need to be an ass.. I just started and I wasn’t even able to pick mine. My game opened and Bam! Bulbasaur was on the “yoi should catch screen” so I threw the ball and now I’m stuck with bulbasaur and not my fav charmander

    • Griz Black

      This is true. It could’ve been explained a lot better in game.

      • capssuck

        you’re supposed to figure it out yourself

        • Cody LaVonne

          What flawless logic, aside from the fact that for many such as myself, only one starter (bulbasaur in my case) even showed up in the beginning. The only onscreen tip said to catch “one of the 3 pokemon” in my area, but seeing only one, I figured this was my designated starter. It would have been helpful if it told me that I simply had to wait a few more minutes for the other to appear…

          • Jeffrey Hecox

            SAME situation as u! I saw a bulbasaur and I thought it was the only one!! Then I wanted a squirtle ;-;

          • Gareth Martin

            You can catch them anyway… this isnt the main series that only gives you one. Get over it.

          • Gareth is Retarded

            Gareth has posted 8 times. Get a fucking job.

          • Gareth Martin

            got one buddy and that doesnt make the guy any less of an idiot.

    • Pokemon boi

      Same with me

    • Lelouch D. Yagami

      Thats EXACTLY what happened to me

    • White BucktzTV

      i agree i did the same damn thing

    • Veek

      I had a problem with the game when I was starting out, so the exact same thing happened to me. Only Bulbasaur showed up so I tapped it. Might be a glitch as well. Good thing that it’s extremely hot lately, and I live in a place with both a big water source and a gas station a walk with the dog away.

  • Gavin Criley

    This was a great idea executed extremely poorly

  • johnnytar

    You can start with a pikachu :)

  • Kayla Taylor

    My starter is pikachu if you walk/drive away from the given starters (squirtle, bulbasaur, charmander) they will keep reappearing, and about the third or fourth time pikachu appears too if you look around!

    • Kayla Taylor


      • Islacchi

        You’re a smart Son of a “Guy” XD i try this out and fpund the pikachu XD thanks

      • goodshiz

        Confirmed this works. I got one walking up and down my street block with the three starter pokemons on map. Pikachu appeared after about 4 times. So along with the three there was a Fourth Ping.

  • Kevin McGuire

    Ok but where do i find fire type pokemon?

    • Jonathan Johnson

      I have found that i find fire type in parts of my city that have loads of sun exposure and are known areas to be super hot there is a local baseball complex that is teeming with ponyta and Rapidash and I caught a growlith at walmart in their parking lot

      • Kevin McGuire


      • eric herrera

        thats weird, my ponyta was founding the woods haha. but i believe you, pokemon does that a lot, most of my water type pokemon like poliwrath was found near a lake

    • Anonymous

      Um guys I know Pikachu is good and all and I don’t mean to cause an argument but Charmander is better and harder to find than Pikachu….

  • mizzu321

    Is it possible to catch a legendary pokemon? Like rayquaza, giratina, mewtwo etc

    • Kayla

      It’s only the original 150 right now, so I’d say you could probably catch Articuno, Moltres, and Zapdos. But Mew, Mewtwo, etc, aren’t included yet.

      • mizzu321

        Lol do i have to go to a volcano for catching moltres? Does the type of pokemon really changes when i go to different location with differeny geography?

        • Kayla

          You do tend find water pokemon near water, etc. But I haven’t explored too much. I have no idea where to look for fire types. Probably just book a Hawaiian vacation to explore volcanoes, just in case.:)

          • Initforthelols

            Is a Nidoran a good Pokemon?

        • Islacchi

          You know.. I read some websites and i saw that some rare pokemon plave already revealed, like Moltres can be found near the Krakatau Mountain (I live in Indonesia), but tbh.. is it really necessary to visit such a place just because u want to find a pokemon XD i live near Krakatau tho but i dont want to waste my time cathing Moltres.. XD

        • Islacchi

          this is the site (Just to let you know)
          I think it wont be hard for my brother to catch Giratina since he lived near the Graveyard XD Giratina appears at Night time in the graveyard.. Spooky XD

          • Jonathan Johnson

            My only problem is Islacchi they only put out gen1 pokemon to start that sight claims even current gen pokemon are out there unless they released pokemon differently by region (not saying they didnt) that whole sight is wrong)

  • Merp Kerpie

    I understand the whole environmental thing, but where do i go to get fire pokemon? i dont live near any volcanoes and stupidly didnt pick charmander…

    • Ricky Poullet

      gas stations people have stated.

  • GonzoI

    The part about Incense is incorrect – it does not attract Pokemon nearby. Incense and Lure Modules cause a random spawn every 5 minutes within the circle of what you use them on (you if Incense, Pokestop if Lure Module). That means if the servers don’t go down (which loses your time without compensation) you get exactly 6 Pokemon for using it. The Lure Modules do correlate to what’s in the area (eg. waterfront gets Water types), but the Incense is mostly Bug and Normal types with the rare totally random one thrown in. I’ve confirmed this by tracking down the “nearby Pokemon” around active Lure Modules and Incense. The “nearby” ones stay where they are until they vanish. I’ve not yet figured out the vanish timing, but it seems to be at least a half hour.

  • Ami Dark

    What a waste of space you are…

  • You know whats dumb abt these articles? No one will say which are rare in GO so we know what to look out for.

  • David Hill

    Only stayed on this page to see Gareth fail at cyber bullying

    • Susan L. Olson

      I blocked him so I don’t have to see his posts. No sense wasting time on him.

  • SmartMon

    A lot of false information in this post, for example incense attracts random Pokemon to your location not those ‘nearby’. Rustling leaves doesn’t seem to actually do anything it appears that was also false information being spread across the web.

  • Guru Fucker

    Your Team specifies which of the Legendary Birds you get and I chose Moltres but whilst I was at GAMESTOP It spawned! My friend is Visiting Relatives in the UK and he found his Articuno at Game! So head down there and I think its like 25% chance of coming up so just Drive away and come Brother found his the Second Time

  • chris
  • Incense is the key here. This item will attract almost all nearby Pokemon to your location for a limited time……….well thats false as hell…. incense GENERATES pokemon spawns not draw anything near.

  • Miranda Prince

    Incense doesn’t really work most of the time, at least for me.

  • pika-girl

    if you jus started and dont have ANY pokemon walk away from them and after the 3rd or 4th time PIKACHU WILL APPEAR

  • krisenda

    I got Golbat Im working on powering up only at 441 cp and Oddish. I like the poisonious and acid ones im goin with a theme lol ps i have no clue about these things but Im learnin

  • Priyanka

    My avatar doesn’t move even though I am walking … so frustrating????

  • Jorgelgr

    was saving incense for a quiet patch, went to a pub with a pokespot and thought it would be a good chance to get lunch and some rare pokemon… what for. wasted half an hour watching the screen and incense countdown and caught a pigely, really?!? hopefully it was just a bum roll of the dice but won’t be quick to rely on incense any time soon

  • Danny Lorraine

    So everybody is talking about their starters and such. When I started up the game, it was in a brief moment (and I mean very brief) where the server was back up because I started on the 6th when it came out. The only Pokemon that came up was a Bulbasaur, it didn’t even load Squirtle or Charmander for me. That, and it glitched before I could even engage the catching sequence with the Bulbasaur so when I opened it back up later, it had automatically given me the Bulbasaur.

  • Shane Vreeland

    Found pikachu at my local gas station twice at the exact same time two nites between

  • Anonymous

    I got a PIKACHU @ eastern beach hope this will help

  • brock lesnar

    incense stick finished

  • Jephetto

    The guides on this site are shit and vague. “click a link for more useless information.” I got more information about pokemon go from my toilet after taking a huge dump

  • Aidan bates

    Hi I am new I don’t no where to find pikauch later in the game

  • JQVasto

    These articles are just loops making you click onto another hoping to find what you’re looking for. Surprise though, it’s just another loop!

  • natitlakai

    go to the la brea tar pits you will find more charmanders than you’ll know what to do with squirtle is by water best place i’ve seen is dana points baby beach and bulbasaur I have no clue pikachu is more or less random

  • Bridget Bushey

    It says to find Pokemon, normal or rare, that you can tap on the option button on the left side at the bottom of the screen.. and it’ll show all the close Pokemon (including footsteps below, showing their distance away) but I have a tablet and only thing on my bottom left is my character face button (with all my stats, when you click it)… so do they mean the “sightings” option? Because I’m confused. Nothing on my screen shows footsteps of any Pokemon. Any help will be appreciated!

    P.S. what’s up with the rustling leaves? Do they mean the falling dot leaves that fade away, or the lil triangle single leaves?

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