Pokemon GO: How to Catch Smeargle

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After months of waiting, Smeargle has finally been added to Pokemon GO. This unique character can actually learn the moves of other Pokemon, which was likely the main cause of its delayed release. Unlike other creatures in Pokemon GO, Smeargle doesn’t just randomly pop up in the wild. Instead he’s tied to the latest feature added to the game, and getting him to show up can be tricky. Here’s how to catch Smeargle in Pokemon GO.

The answer lies in the new photo mode that was added as part of a recent update. As shown on the main loading screen, Smeargle seems to be a fan of photo-bombing. This is the hint Niantic was giving fans as to how to get Smeargle in Pokemon GO. Basically you need to take a bunch of pictures and wait for him to jump in the shot. Make sure you’re on the latest update though, before you begin the process below.

How you get Smeargle is open the item menu inside Pokemon GO. Scroll to the camera and select it. Now pick any Pokemon available to you, focusing on ones you might want Smeargle to copy the moves of, if you’re a serious trainer. Get into the photo mode in either AR or AR+ and snap away. You won’t see Smeargle jump into the shot in here, so just snap a bunch of pictures and exit when you feel like it. In the screen where the pics develop is where you’ll see Smeargle show up. Once he does, just exit out to see him spawn nearby.

And that’s how to catch Smeargle in Pokemon GO. As I said, check either the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store to make sure you’re fully updated before going through this, or you’ll be wasting your time. So far it seems like Smeargle might be a once-a-day spawn, or have some limitation. We’ll update this article as more is discovered about this new, rare Pokemon.

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