Pokemon GO: How to Get Shiny Treecko and Sceptile

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Today, March 23rd 2019 is the latest Pokemon GO Community Day. This one celebrates Treecko the grass type starter from Gen 3. While he’s been featured in the game for a very long time, there has been no way to catch a shiny version until today. To break down all the Community Day strategies and bonuses we’re here to help guide you. Here’s how to get shiny Treecko and Sceptile in Pokemon GO.

How to Get Shiny Treecko and Sceptile

First off, you’ll need to know when the Treecko Community Day event begins in Pokemon GO. The event will start at 3pm your local time and continue until 6pm. This is only for today, so if you got to this article late, all you can do now is catch as many Treecko as you can, hoping for that one in a thousand (or 450, they keep changing the rate) chance of catching a shiny.

Once the event begins Treecko will spawn all over the place. The key to catching a shiny Treecko, thus letting you evolve him into a shiny Sceptile, is to check as many of them as possible. As soon as you encounter a Pokemon you’ll see if it is shiny. In Treecko’s case he is more blue than his usual all-green tint. There will be a flash of sparks/light and a sparkle symbol will appear above him to indicate that it is a shiny Treecko.

Whenever you are out exploring, looking for shiny versions, tap every Treecko you see to check if it’s shiny. If not you can still catch it, but if you’re short on supplies just back out and remember not to tap it again. Check every Treecko then keep moving to find more. They spawn all over the place during the Community Day event, so move from place to place, focusing on lured Poke Stops if you can. Check them all and you should end up with a decent number of shiny Treecko, and then you can evolve the best into shiny Sceptile.

Aside from this, the event has a few other bonuses. For one, Treecho that evolve into Sceptile will have Frenzy Plant, the best grass move available for them, so evolve all your good ones before the event ends at 6pm. Incubators will work 4x as well as normal, so be sure to load up as many eggs as you can during the event hours. Lures will also last the whole three hours, if they’re placed during the event, so pop them in wherever you’ll be shiny hunting.

And that’s all the tips and tricks for how to get shiny Treecko and Sceptile in Pokemon GO this Community Day.

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