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Pokémon GO – How to Take a Snapshot ‘in the wild’ or of ‘Wild Pokémon’

Take snapshots of Wild Pokémon for research

by Kyle Hanson


Lots of research tasks and other activities in Pokémon GO have asked you to take a snapshot but only recently have they added the requirement that they be in the wild. This new request might trip some players up, so we thought we’d help out. Here’s a quick guide on how to take a snapshot of a Pokémon in the wild in Pokémon GO.

How to Take a Snapshot of Pokémon in the Wild

This new requirement is being added as part of the New Pokémon Snap Celebration event in GO. That game plays very differently to the mobile app, placing players in the Lental region with nothin but some random items and a camera. Your job is to document all the species in the area, taking their photo as you are carted along through the environemnt. And that’s why you have to take these snapshots of wild Pokémon, instead of the usual method in your collection.

To do it just follow these steps.

  • Find the wild Pokémon you want to take a snapshot of
  • Tap on them on the overworld map
  • Once the encounter loads tap the camera icon at the top of the screen
  • Tap the shutter button at the bottom to take a snapshot

Whether the task asks you to take a snapshot of a wild Pokémon or a specific species “in the wild” you should complete the task and be able to collect the reward. Of course, some require specific species, so make sure you’re watching for those, and we may craft some guides for the tougher ones out there. Once you find what you’re looking for just follow the steps above and you should be all set.

But now you know how to take a snapshot of a Pokémon in the wild in Pokémon GO, so good luck.

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