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Pokemon Sword and Shield – How to Cook Good Curry

Chef your way to more powerful Pokemon.

by William Schwartz


Camping and cooking with your Pokemon is one of the new ways to level up your party and replenish their health and PP.  However, it’s not quite as simple as pressing a button and out comes a delicious plate of Curry.  You’ll actually need to take care with your recipe to make the best Curry possible that will level up your Pokemon and replenish their health when camping.

Cooking is basically a three step process.

  • Start the Fire and Fan it
  • Stir the Pot
  • Put the Secret Ingredient in

But before you do any of that you’ll need to decide on what the ingredients are going to be.  You can choose between food items that you find or purchase, as well as berries that you can find from shaking berry trees out in the wild.  The combination of the ingredients that you put in and the other three steps will determine how effective the Curry is, because once the cooking is complete you’ll feed the curry to your Pokemon.

There appears to be 100’s of different Curry recipes that you can try which result from the sheer amount of combinations of food that you can try.  Read all of the berry descriptions to see what goes with what, and you might just have a blue ribbon dish on your hands.

How to Cook


Once you’re in the Camping section of the game, you’ll want to select the Cooking option.  If you’re not sure how to camp, just pull up the X Menu and select the tent/camping option.  Once in the Camping section you will see your Pokemon wandering around the campsite.  There are numerous things you can do here, but to cook you want to press the X Button to bring up the menu and then tab over to the cooking menu item.

From here you’ll be given some options.  This includes just jumping in and cooking, checking your ingredients, or checking the Curry Dex if you’re looking to make a meal that you’ve made before.  After you select “Start Cooking” you’ll need to put your main ingredient in the dish.  Then you will add your secondary ingredients which are berries.  Once you’ve selected the ingredients you will press the + button to start the cooking process.

You will then need to fan the flames > stir the pot > and put the final ingredient in the dish.

You’ll need to follow the on-screen prompts during each section as it uses a combination of motion controls and button presses.  On screen you’re looking for little sparks of light to determine if you’re doing things correctly.  Finally you’ll want to line-up and time the final ingredient.  Afterwards, you’ll taste the food and see if it’s any good.  If it’s good, you’ll also find out how much health or XP was given to you, and whether Pokemon became more friendly towards you.

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