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Rage 2 How to Fast Travel

Head into the game map and highlight one of these locations.

by William Schwartz


Rage 2 features a fast travel system that can be used to get between region hubs pretty quickly.  There are some requirements for fast traveling in Rage 2 that must be met.  This guide will explain how to fast travel in Rage 2 and which locations you can fast travel to and what you need to do to get fast travel to come up as an option.

In Rage 2 there is a fast travel option, though your options are pretty limited on where you can go.  Fast Travel in Rage 2 is limited to the Trade Towns, Mutant Bash TV Locations, and the Racetrack.

Fast Travel Locations Rage 2

  • Wellspring
  • Lagooney
  • Gunbarrel
  • Mutant Bash TV Blasting Range
  • Mutant Bash TV Killbox
  • Torn Plains Racetrack

How to Fast Travel

Head into the game map and then highlight one of the areas listed above and assuming that you aren’t in a building or in an activity you will be able to fast travel as an option when hovering over the map icon.  You will see a description of the area and in the bottom left corner you will see the option for Fast Travel.  Simply press the corresponding button (X/Square) and you will see a quick loading screen and then travel to the area.

Fast Traveling will bring your current vehicle with you wherever you end up going.

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