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Rage 2 How to Get Grav-Dart Launcher

This Ark is located in the Wilds Region.

by William Schwartz


The Grav-Dart Launcher is one of the weapons in Rage 2 that will take a little exploring to find.  You’re either gonna need to get some intel to find this item or track it down on your own.  This guide will explain exactly where you to go to find the Grav-Dart Launcher in Rage 2.

The Grav-Dart Launcher is located in the Needle Falls Ark.  This Ark is located in The Wilds region in the northern part of the map.  Simply look at the map image below and head to the highlighted location to find the Ark.  If you are having trouble, you can always use the Focus feature (LB/L1) to give you hints to Ark locations.

Grav-Dart Ark Location Map


This one will have some mutants guarding the Ark and it is a level 7 enemy difficulty so be prepared for a tough albeit brief fight at this location to get the Grav-Dart Launcher.

The Grav-Dart Launcher allows you to shoot darts at a target and connect them to another target.  Simply fire with the right trigger and the use the left trigger to target where you want to grav-dart launcher to take them.

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