Rage 2 How to Get Hyper Cannon

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One of the most powerful weapons in Rage 2 is the Hyper Cannon.  This weapon can be used to fire a single shot through multiple enemies.  That said, it’s important to add this powerful weapon to your arsenal as soon as possible.  This guide will explain exactly where you need to go to find the Ark that contains the Hyper Cannon.

The Hyper Cannon is located in the Greenhaven Ark.  This is a enemy difficulty level 10 Ark so be prepared for a tough fight to get inside.  Once you’ve cleared out the enemies in this area you can head inside the Ark and collect the Hyper Cannon.  You can use the map below to find the Greenhaven Ark, which is located in The Wilds Region.

Hyper Cannon is located in the Greenhaven Ark


This Ark is tucked away in the northern most part of the map so it will take some exploring to stumble across it.  However, if you know where to look you can go straight to it and collect the Hyper Cannon weapon fairly early on in the game.

The Hyper Cannon gun has a couple of powerful abilities.  To use the weapon effectively you’ll want to aim down sights with the left trigger and wait for the meter to fill up.  Once it does you can then pierce through multiple enemies at once with a single shot.  In Overdrive Mode, you do not have to wait for the meter to fill and can fire continuously through multiple enemies.

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