Rage 2 How to Get Rocket Launcher

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The Smart Rocket Launcher deals heavy damage and has multiple firing variations depending on how and when you use it.  The Rocket Launcher in Rage 2 will take some exploring, but if you want to grab it quickly you’ll need to head to the location detailed in this guide.

The Rocket Launcher is located in an Ark in a town called Strongbox.  This dilapidated town is overrun by Goons and you’ll need to clear them out to get access to the Ark container in this area.  Simply head to the green icon highlighted in the image below to find the Rocket Launcher.

Strongbox Rocket Launcher Location Map


There’s really no requirement to get the Rocket Launcher in Rage 2.  The Strongbox Ark is only rated a Level 4 for enemy difficulty and you should be able to clear out the goons in this area pretty easily.  The Rocket Launcher can definitely make life easier as it allows you to lock on to targets when pointing at them, and even fire multiple rockets when aiming down sights.  The Rocket Launcher has a devastating attack when in Overdrive Mode.

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