Rage 2 How to Get Slam Ability

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The Slam Ability in Rage 2 allows you to jump up into the air and then punch the ground to send a powerful shockwave that damages enemies.  Like other abilities in Rage 2, the Slam Ability is only unlocked by finding the Ark that has it.  This guide will explain exactly where you need to go to find the Ark with the Slam Ability in Rage 2.

The Ark that you’re looking for is the Earthscar Ark.  This Ark is located in the Torn Plains Region, east of Wellspring.  The Ark itself is guarded by an army of goons that you’ll need to fight before you can enter.  Once inside the Ark you’ll get access to this new ability.

If you’re having trouble locating the Earthscar Ark you can use the map below, just head to the highlighted location to find the Slam Ability.

Earthscar Ark Location Slam Ability Map


Slam is an ability that is used while in combat.  Like the other Nanotrite abilities you must use the LB/L1 button to activate focus and then you can use the face buttons on the controller to activate Slam.  Simply hold LB/L1 and the A/X button to activate slam.  The damage and range of the slam attack increase with your height.

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