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Rage 2 How to Repair Vehicle

Sometimes manual repairs are needed.

by William Schwartz


In Rage 2 it’s possible that your vehicle takes too much damage.  If it does, you won’t be able to drive it anymore until you repair.  Thankfully, you can do this while out exploring the open world.  This guide will explain exactly how to repair your vehicle manually so you can get back out on the road.

If your vehicle takes too much damage in Rage 2 it will stop working and will visibly on fire and smoking and it will say that Safe Mode has been engaged.  Your onboard computer system will tell you that you need to initiate manual repairs.  To start repairing your vehicle in Rage 2 you need to get out of the vehicle and go to the front of it.

A small panel will open and you will see an option to use Focus.  This can be done by pressing the LB/L1 button.  Holding the button for a few seconds the vehicle will start to repair.  During this process you will see a white progress bar start to fill.  Once you get the bar filled you will hear the computer tell you that they are back and feeling good.  You can then hop back into the car and hit the road.

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