Rage 2 Where Are Ark Chests

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One of the objectives when clearing out an enemy stronghold in Rage 2 is to find the Ark Chest.  These chests contain powerful items, but you can’t find the Ark Chest if you don’t know what it looks like.  The image above is of an Ark Chest.  Throughout the course of Rage 2, Ark Chests will always function the same way, though they won’t always be easy to find.

You’ll need to search an area thoroughly to find all the Ark Chests in the game, but you’ll always be looking for these unique futurisitc while boxes.  To open the Ark Chest you’ll need to approach it and use your Focus ability (LB/L1).  Doing so will bring up a small meter and then the chest will pop open with goodies to help your progression.

Ark Chests contain items like Nanotrite Boosters which can be used to upgrade your Nanotrite abilities.  Like the Arks themselves, these chests are limited in the game world so you’ll want to keep an eye out for the Ark Chests.  You can see if an area you are in has an Ark Chest by opening the map and hovering over the icon of the activity you are in.  It will tell you if there are Ark Chests, Storage Containers, Data Pads and other pertinent data about the location.

When searching for Ark Chests in Rage 2 just make sure you keep your eyes peeled for these white containers as they are easy to overlook.

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