Red Dead Online: How to Fish

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In Red Dead Online you can fish and hunt just like you can in single player.  However, you’re going to have to unlock the Fishing Rod if you want to do some fishing.  The Fishing Rod in Red Dead Online can be unlocked as a rank reward in the game.

To unlock the Fishing Rod you’re going to want to progress up to level 14 and you’ll also get some Live Worms available as rank rewards at this tier.  You’re going to need to progress through the first 13 rank tiers to unlock this item, but once you do you will be able to hit your favorite fishing spots from the single player game.

Like single player, you can purchase bait at the bait shop in Lagras if you’re looking to catch something that’s gonna need more than worms.  Just like a lot of items in Red Dead Online, the fishing rod can be attained earlier by spending gold bars to unlock it before the required level of 14 where the game will give it to you for free.

If you want to purchase the fishing rod from the handheld catagloue, you can access this item shop at any time from the weapon wheel .  Prior to level 14, the fishing rod will cost 4 Gold Bars.  After rank 14 the item will cost $32.50 with in-game cash.

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