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Red Dead Online How to Stop People From Stealing Horse

Stop horse thieves in their tracks.

by William Schwartz


In Red Dead Online it’s pretty easy to steal horses from other players or get your horse stolen.  However, there are some protections that you can put in place to make sure no one steals your horse in RDR2 Online.  Change the settings below to stop people from stealing your horse.

Stop horse stealers Red Dead Redemption 2 Online

To stop people from stealing your horse you’re going to want to open the Free Roam menu in the game.  This can be done by pressing left on the d-pad.  Once in the Free Roam menu head down to the Stables option.  In this sub-menu you will have some options for Horse Access and Horse Leading.

To stop people from being able to steal your horse you’re going to want to change the settings for Horse Access to “Me Only,” this way you, and you alone, are the only person that can ride your horse.  This will stop people from jumping on your horse and stealing it.  It will also stop them from being able to steal it while conducting business at a vendor or other times where your horse may be unattended.

You can also change the leading settings for horses as well.  You can disable leading if you want to make sure that noone can lead your horse other than yourself.  By changing these settings, your horse basically cannot be stolen in Red Dead Online.

- This article was updated on:December 1st, 2018

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