Resident Evil 3 – How to Make the Vaccine

And where to find the ingredients

by Kyle Hanson

Throughout Resident Evil 3 and its predecessor the T-virus has run rampant across Raccon City. Dealing untold damage and taking the lives of millions, the disease has so far been unstoppable. But there is a cure in the form of a vaccine that has already worked on Jill Valentine. And she has one shot to make another and get it out of the city. Inside of NEST, Umbrella’s secretive laboratory is the key. But you need to find a few elements and put them in a very specific way. Here’s how to make the vaccine in Resident Evil 3 Remake.

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Where to Find the Antigen and Adjuvent

To make the vaccine you just need the antigen and the adjuvent. Both of these are pretty easy to locate in the NEST facility, but let’s break down where they both are. Once you grab the USB Drive just head back downstairs and use it on the previously locked door. Take the stairs up to the lab and activate the machine to retrieve the culture sample, which acts as the antigen. Head back downstairs then behind the stariway and follow that path till the very end, go up the elevator and into the lab, then open the drawer to get the “liquid-filled test tube,” which is the adjuvent.

How to Make the Vaccine

Now all you need to do is head back to the large room with the vaccine equipment to begin the process of making the vaccine itself. Open your inventory and combine the two tubes to end up with the vaccine base. Insert it into the device to trigger a bit of a puzzle. You have three buttons to press, doing so will influence the ones next to them, so you have to figure out the right way to press them to keep everything in the 50 range.

To do this just hit the following: middle, middle, left. As soon as you do it you’ll see a success message and end up with the vaccine itself. So that’s how to make the vaccine in Resident Evil 3 Remake.