Resident Evil 3 – Where to Find the Bolt Cutters

How to cut chains

by Kyle Hanson

Jill Valentine may be the master of unlocking, but she’s not the master of cutting through solid metal. That’s the challenge that she faces early in Resident Evil 3 when chains have locked up valuable items, such as the shotgun. If you want to get to these useful resources then you need a classic item from the series: bolt cutters. But you won’t find them for a little while. So here’s where to find the bolt cutters in Resident Evil 3.

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Where to Find the Bolt Cutters

While there are a few optional pathways, most of the first hour of Resident Evil 3 is a pretty straight path. While you’ll find chained up lockers and gates, such as the one holding the shotgun, you will be back later with the bolt cutters to open them up. To find them continue through the campaign until you come across the Toy Uncle store in the northeast corner of the Downtown map. This giant yellow building is tough to miss, with its giant head sitting on top of its roof, so watch for it.

Once you find it take the alley to the left and continue forward. You’ll come across a lot of enemies and obstacles, including some zombie dogs. Once you make it past them you’ll come upon the garage. A side room here, the one you enter through actually, is where you’ll find the bolt cutters. Once you have them in your inventory you can head back to all those chains and cut through by using them.

And that’s where to find the bolt cutters in Resident Evil 3. This unlocks a lot of the better items and weapons you’ll need to take on Nemesis, so if you come across the Toy Uncle building try to head toward them ASAP. Of course, there’s many more hidden items to be found, so check out our other guides for help.