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Search Between Mysterious Hatch, Giant Rock Lady and Precarious Flatbed Fortnite Season 7 Week 8 Challenge Location

Jump at the Wailing Woods and shoot for the hill to the east

by William Schwartz


A new week means a new set of Fortnite challenges to complete and this week the Battle Pass has you completed a variety of new challenges.  This guide will explain exactly where you need to go to search between the Mysterious Hatch, Giant Rock Lady and the Precarious Flatbed to complete the Season 7 Week 8 Challenge.

To uncover this star you’re going to want to head towards the maze in the Wailing Woods.  Your best bet will be to jump towards the Wailing Woods area and then make your way to the star location.  The star itself isn’t actually in the maze, it’s a little bit south of the maze on top of a hill.

The reference points that you are looking at are the flatbed that is hanging off the side of a cliff in grid J3.  You’ll find the Giant Rock Lady in I4.  The Mysterious Hatch can be found in I3.  The location of the star is going to be between these three points.

Star Location Season 7 Week 8 Challenge


As you can see in the image above this small hill is the location of the star.  You can see the rock lady in the distance, the precarious flatbed is behind the character, and the hatch is nearby as well.

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