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Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 Guide: Sniper, Ghost & Warrior Skill Trees

by Mike Guarino


Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 has 3 different playstyles that you can choose from, which are Sniper, Ghost and Warrior. While different situations call for different styles, you usually can just pick your favorite style and use that for most of the game. However, each style also comes with its own skill tree with several abilities for you to unlock, and this guide will detail each one.

There are 9 abilities to unlock in each of the game’s skill trees, with there being 3 abilities per tier. Earning 1000 XP will earn you a new skill point to put towards the respective skill tree you earned it for. You need to make your way through the first tier to get to the second and third, but you don’t need to unlock every single ability to unlock the next tier. The game’s pretty generous with the amount of skill points it gives you, so you shouldn’t have much of a problem getting through at least most of the skill trees during a standard playthrough.


Cameraman (tier 1) – CCTV vision cone is visible in Scout Mode.

Echolocation (tier 1) – Ability to ‘see’ sounds such as footsteps or enemy voices in Scout Mode.

Scavenger (tier 1) – Get 50% bigger loot.

Zen Master (tier 2) – Breath holding is 50% longer when aiming.

Loot Sense (tier 2) – Detect loot boxes through walls in Scout Mode at 15m radius.

Drone Pilot (tier 2) – Unlock extra drone module slot.

Marksman (tier 3) – Reload your rifle 20% quicker.

Predatory Focus (tier 3) – Tagged enemy outlines are visible through walls in Scout Mode.

Counter Sniper (tier 3) – Enemy snipers vision lines are visible in Scout Mode.


Pickpocket (tier 1) – Quickly auto-loot dead enemies after melee kills.

Efficient Crafter (tier 1) – Crafting traps requires less resources.

Hurt Locker (tier 1) – 25% less damage from explosions.

Medic (tier 2) – Healing items are 33% stronger, and medkits are marked on the map.

Wraith (tier 2) – Walking and jumping generates 50% less noise.

Endurance (tier 2) – Additional health chunk, 33% health increase.

Crawler (tier 3) – Move 20% faster when crouching.

Spider (tier 3) – Climbing is 20% faster.

Serial Killer (tier 3) – Unlimited chain kills in melee combat.


Thrifty (tier 1) – Crafting bullets requires less resources.

Runner (tier 1) – Stamina drains slower.

Bullet Packing (tier 1) – Carry one more magazine for assault rifles.

Mule 1 (tier 2) – Unlock additional gadget slot.

Cheaper Items (tier 2) – Better prices when buying gadgets and ammunition in shops.

Fast Hands (tier 2) – Faster reloading.

Mule 2 (tier 3) – Unlock additional gadget slot.

Fortitude (tier 3) – Additional health chunk, 33% health increase.

Berserk (tier 3) – While on final chunk of health, you gain unlimited stamina for 20 seconds.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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