Solar Ash: How to Collect All Eternal Garden Caches

Here is your guide on how to find and collect all Eternal Garden caches.

by Noah Nelson
Solar Ash How to Collect All Eternal Garden Caches

Eternal Garden in Solar Ash is a gothic, dark area, but nonetheless stunning. This area introduces a new mushroom mechanic that will activate rails or open doors. It is easy to get lost in this fungal fantasyland, but fear not because we’ve got you covered. Here is the guide on how to collect all Eternal Garden caches in Solar Ash.

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The newest game by Heart Machine and Annapurna Interactive, Solar Ash will be remembered as one of the best 3D indie adventures of our generation. It is a shorter game and it takes inspiration from other games, but Solar Ash is uniquely its own creation and will stay imprinted on your mind long after the credits roll. For more guides on all things Solar Ash, like how to collect all the caches at Ironroot Basin or how to defeat a hard boss, look no further.


Bone Cache

For starters, to the right of the cathedral will be two caches right before your eyes. The one on the right is the bone cache since it sits on top of a bone and the one on the left is the building roof cache because… well, it’s on a building’s roof. To get the bone cache, you’ll need to hit the blue mushroom and travel to the blue receiver in time. This will create a rail across the thorny trench. Once across, climb up to the bone, use the black ooze to scale it, and grab the cache at the top.


Building Roof Cache

The building roof cache can seem impossible to get. What you need to do is make your way to the left of the bone cache. Up an incline of a fallen tower and to the left, you’ll see a couple of grapple points. Use those and the bones lying around to swing to the building’s roof. Once there, you know the drill. Search the cache and it’ll be yours.


Top of the Hill Cache

Another cache that is seemingly unreachable is the top of the hill cache. Exactly opposite of the cathedral’s entrance is a tall, fluffy cloud with a building at the top. The cache is inside the building but the way is blocked. In order to open it, you’ll definitely need the Redshift Steeplechase Suit awarded to you for finding all the Ironroot Basin caches. You’ll need the extra boosts.

Go to the yellow mushroom next to the Cathedral entrance. The color effects of each mushroom don’t last very long, so you’ll have limited time to make it to the yellow receiver. Once you’ve charted the fastest course up the hill and to the yellow receiver, hit the yellow mushroom and skate like the wind. If you’re successful, the way will be clear for you to snag the cache at the top of the hill.


Behind the Cathedral Cache

To the left of the cathedral will be stone steps that will take you across another thorny trench. Once you’ve crossed, straight ahead will be two bone head enemies. Take them out and the cache at the end of the corridor will be yours.


Cathedral Pit Cache

Last but not least, the cache in the cathedral pit. In order to get to the cathedral pit area, you’ll need to do the mushroom puzzle within the cathedral itself. After dropping what feels like hundreds of yards into the darkness below the cathedral, you’ll find an anomaly to destroy, an elder to talk to, and a cache to collect.

Light up your way by hitting the blue mushrooms. Open the doors by hitting the right color mushroom and going to the right color receiver. After destroying the ano0maly, seek the red mushroom in the extra dark and spacious room. Once you have the red mushroom, open the red door. In this room, climb the rocks to your left, jump across, and snag the cache.

Once you’ve collected all the Eternal Garden caches in Solar Ash, you’ll be gifted Pyat’s suit called The Engine Robber. Aside from looking pretty slick, the suit allows you to regain shield energy when enemies are destroyed. Pretty useful for players looking for some extra life after a tough fight.

Solar Ash is available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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