Solar Ash: How to Collect and Use Plasma

Here is how to collect and use the currency in Solar Ash.

by Noah Nelson
Solar Ash How to Use and Collect Plasma

Plasma in Solar Ash is what makes the Ultravoid go round. The more you have, the safer you’ll be. While using plasma isn’t too complicated, collecting it can be tricky. And in order to spend money, you first have to make money. Here is how to collect and use plasma in Solar Ash.

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Before we dive into it, Solar Ash, if you don’t already know, is the newest game from Heart Machine and Annapurna Interactive. It is a delightful and thrilling experience filled with gorgeous locales, challenging platforming, and a meaningful message. If you’re looking to master timeslip and grapple or need help collecting all the caches in each level, check out our Solar Ash guides.

How to Collect Plasma

In Solar Ash, there are many ways to collect plasma. For starters, plasma can be harvested just by skating through it. Floating blobs of it will always be littered throughout each map, encouraging you to follow a path or take a sweet jump. Each one will only reward you with one plasma though.


Plasma can also be collected by killing enemies, but it will take some skill. The only way to get plasma from enemies is to kill a group of them without taking any damage. If you don’t take damage during the fight, you’ll be rewarded with a satisfying sound and around 30 to 40 plasma depending on how many enemies you successfully destroy.

The last and best way to collect plasma in Solar Ash is through plasma deposits. Hidden in special places throughout each map and non-farmable like the floating plasma blobs, these deposits will reward you with 100 plasma. As your curiosity gets the best of you, Solar Ash will reward you with plasma deposits, so don’t be shy in exploring the world.

How to Use Plasma

Plasma can only be used one way: to purchase shields from Cyd. The way health works in Solar Ash is you have a limited number of shields that act as your health. If you get hit, you temporarily lose a shield which can be refilled by the orbs in the blue boxes throughout the map. Your health can go up to five, but only by buying shields with plasma.

Each and every time you defeat a boss, your conversation with Echo will leave you one shield less than when you started, so shields need to constantly be bought in order to have max health. The shields get more and more expensive the higher you go, with the fifth shield costing 3,000 plasma. That means, if you want to have the highest chance of surviving the Ultravoid and the enemies within it, you’ll need to go plasma hunting.

Solar Ash is available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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