Starfield Enhance Location: How to Change Appearance at a Genetics Lab

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by Diego Perez
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Starfield commits one of gaming’s cardinal sins: your custom character looks different during gameplay than during character creation. There’s no need to worry though. You won’t be stuck with an ugly character for your entire playthrough. The character creation screen tells you that you can change your appearance later at a genetics lab, but Starfield’s method of plastic surgery is more commercial than scientific. Here’s how to change your character’s appearance in Starfield.

How to Change Appearance in Starfield

You can change your Starfield character’s appearance by visiting an Enhance clinic. These are located in every major city throughout the Settled Systems, including New Atlantis, Akila City, Neon, and more. They’re really easy to spot because of their brightly lit facades and eye-catching logos, but you can always check a city’s directory for an exact location if you’re having trouble finding it. Some cities are easy to get lost in, after all.

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All Starfield Enhance Locations

Typically, Enhance stores will be located in the shopping district of their respective cities. They’re usually near the doctor’s office or Reliant Medical clinic, and their clean, white, sterile appearance sticks out amongst Starfield’s gaudier advertisements. Keep reading to learn where to find Enhance clinics in the Settled Systems’ biggest cities.

New Atlantis

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The New Atlantis Enhance clinic is located in the Commercial District of the city. It’s almost exactly on top of the fast travel point for the Commercial District. You can find it to the right of the plaza where Terrabrew Coffee is.

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It’s a small storefront with an open design, so make sure you look closely so you don’t miss it. Look for the giant sign that says “OUTLAND.” That’s a different store entirely, but it’s right next to the Enhance clinic which doesn’t have its own sign, strangely enough.


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The next available Enhance clinic for low-level Starfield players just beginning their interstellar journey is located in the Cydonia settlement on Mars in the Sol system. While Cydonia is just a dusty little mining colony, it is home to its fair share of shops including Enhance.

To reach it, head into Cydonia and proceed straight past the bar. Once you reach the stairs overlooking the mining operations, turn left and you’ll see Enhance nestled among some other stores. The logo is different for this one since all of the stores have to match Cydonia’s aesthetic, so keep an eye out for a plain white sign above the door to find the entrance.


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You’ll become intimately familiar with the seedy streets of Neon during your Starfield playthrough, and the grimy Neon Core is home to an Enhance clinic of its very own. This Enhance is located at the entrance of Neon Core, just a short walk away from the elevator that brings you down from the Spaceport.

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The signage for this Enhance clinic is different than the usual branding to fit in with Neon’s, well, neon aesthetic. It has a massive pink and green sign hanging above the entrance. You should be able to spot it from the Spaceport elevator.


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While you won’t visit Paradiso until later in your Starfield journey, you’ll be happy to know there’s an easily accessible Enhance clinic on its home planet as well. When you visit the Poriima system and land on Poriima 2, just follow the main path toward the Paradiso resort and you’ll see the Enhance clinic in its own little blue building to the left.

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