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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: How to Short Hop After Update 2.0.0

Become a better fighter, thanks to Update Patch 2.0.0

by Kyle Hanson


Every player who spends more than a party or two playing Super Smash Bros. will go through the same steps. First, they’ll be confused, thinking the game is just a button-mashing ball of randomness. Then they’ll find a character they like and pull off some cool moves. Then they’ll see some experienced players play, see the combos and tricks, and understand that this game is deeper than they ever imagined. One of those tricks that is key to your Smash evolution is the Short Hop, and Update 2.0.0 just made it a whole lot easier to do. Here’s how to short hop in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate after Update 2.0.0.

Before we break down how to do it, you might be wondering what a Short Hop even is. Basically, it is what the name implies: it’s a shorter jump in the air than you normally do with a press of the Jump button. Why would you want to do this? Because many characters have very effective and useful air moves that you may want to deal out while still near the ground. So, for example, you may want to hit your opponent with Young Link’s “Forward Air” attack, but they are standing on a low platform, or right on the main battle area. Performing a Short Hop will let you hit them with this attack, without having to jump way up and float back down.

Previously, if you wanted to do a Short Hop you had to time things just right. You’d tap the jump button, instead of mashing it, making sure to let go quickly. Alternatively you could try hitting jump and attack at the exact same time, but this could be tricky. Now, after Update 2.0.0, Short Hops are easier to pull of in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, so here’s how to do it. Just press both jump buttons at the same time, meaning X and Y, and your character will only do a Short Hop off the ground.

And that’s how to short hop in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate after Update 2.0.0.

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