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Tales Of Berseria Guide: How To Perform Break Soul

by Mike Guarino


Combat is something that you’ll be taking part in a lot throughout your adventures in Tales of Berseria, which is very action-oriented and deals a lot with combos and timing. One major feature of this combat is the Break Soul system, which allows the player to exceed the upper limit of performable artes per combo. This guide will help you understand the system so that you can reap its rewards more frequently.

You’ll notice in combat that you have something called a soul gauge, which allows you to have up to 5 souls. These souls allow you to pull off artes in order to damage enemies, but if you have 3 or more of them you can also use Break Soul. Once you have initiated this you will then be able to pull off combos along with special attacks, which will allow you to deal big damage over a generally short amount of time. What’s even better is that if you’re landing lots of hits and are able to stagger the enemy, you will then be rewarded with more souls to keep this onslaught going.

Pulling it off is very simple, as all you have to do is hit the R2 button as soon as you accumulate 3 souls. Each character has a different Break Soul, but we’ll be focusing on protagonist Velvet Crowe’s Consume Claw here. When she utilizes Consume Claw she eats the ability of her opponent and enters the “Theronized” state that strengthens her. While you’ll be dealing big damage during this state, you must also be aware that Velvet’s HP will gradually decrease while it’s active. This can be used to your advantage, however, as low HP strengthens the power of your special artes to deal even bigger damage.

Velvet’s Break Soul also has the unique feature of triggering different special artes and strengthened effects depending on the type of enemy she’s fighting, so you’ll regularly be pulling off a variety of different moves throughout your journey.

Break Soul is a fantastic part of Berseria’s combat and allows for some of the more impressive things to happen during these hectic battles, so utilizing it whenever the potential arises is highly recommended.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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