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The Division 2: How To Access Year 1 Pass Exclusive Ward Gear

Find out how to get your Year 1 Pass exclusive content.

by Dean James


One of the biggest selling points for The Division 2 is that it will provide free DLC updates all throughout the year after release, though the selling of a Year 1 Pass is still a little confusing. Rather than providing you with entirely new expansions that you have to pay for, the Year 1 Pass just gives players a week jump start on these various updates. There are some exclusive cosmetic features for those who purchased the Year 1 Pass or simply The Division 2 Gold Edition. This guide is here to explain just how to access the Year 1 Pass exclusive Ward Gear.

How To Access Year 1 Pass Exclusive Ward Gear

As with most things in The Division 2, you will have to play through the opening stages and tutorials before you will be able to get this exclusive gear. Once you get into your Base of Operations, you will see your Stash for the first time, which is a giant chest that you can store items and more inside during the game.

At a certain point, you will get a notification on the bottom of your screen that states “You have items in your mailbox. Visit the stash!” Go to the Stash and open it first of all. Next, use the right bumper to move over to the Deliveries and Grants screen. You might would expect to find the items under Deliveries, but they are actually under Grants.

Click on Grants and you will see the following items: Agent Ward Boots, Agent Ward Shirt, Agent Ward Scarf, Agent Ward Pants, and the Scout emote. You must then select each one and press X on Xbox One to move the item to your inventory. At this point, you can go into the Apparel portion of the main menu and equip these new items if you so choose.

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