The Division 2: How to Change your Hair and Appearance

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Right after you boot up The Division 2 for the very first time you’ll be tasked with creating your character. As a gamer, you’ve surely done this dozens or hundreds of times, so the process can be pretty tedious. You might rush through it, anxious to get into the glorious action of post-pandemic Washington DC, resulting in some bad choices. What do you do then? Here’s how to change your hair appearance options in The Division 2.

Unfortunately you can’t do this right away. In fact you need to get pretty far into the main story before the option becomes available. Around level 14 or 15 is when you should be able to do it, but you need to recruit the right person to help. Joshua Summers is the one you’re looking for. You’ll initially find him at the Campus Settlement, though he’ll move to your Base of Operations after you unlock him. Head there when you’re ready to change your hair or other appearance elements in The Division 2.

Some things can’t be altered, of course. These include your gender, skin tone, eye color, and facial features. Other stuff is available to change though, such as hair, tattoos, or scars. Head back to base and find Joshua Summers near the same person who unlocked the shooting range for you. Speak with him and you’ll be sent to a new menu where you can make the changes you want.

Now, what do you do if you’ve totally messed things up and just want to start over? Check out this guide on how to create a second character to find out. But if you’re just looking to make a few smaller changes then that’s how to change your hair appearance options in The Division 2.

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