The Last Spell Update 0.91.6 Patch Notes

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Update 0.91.6 has arrived for The Last Spell, and here’s the full list of changes and fixes added with this patch.

The surprising Early Access hit title from developer Ishtar Games has been in the trending list for a while now, and it shows how much love is put into this game as the team keeps updating it regularly. This time around, we receive the third hotfix which includes lots and lots of fixes, balance changes and improvements. In particular, the Armor stat receives a lot of buffs after the update is installed, and even numerous UI elements receive some love as well. For everything regarding this update 0.91.6, take a look below.

The Last Spell Update 0.91.6 Patch Notes


  • Can’t dodge this: Stun Trap, Damage Trap, Slow Trap, Ballista, Mounted Ballista and Catapult now have the No Dodge skill effect.
  • Friendly traps: Damage Trap now only hits enemies, meaning that both your Heroes and your other buildings should be safe. How considerate of them!


  • Brace 12 Armor -> 25 Armor
  • Evasion 10 Dodge -> 8 Dodge


  • Armor increased for each rarity


  • Armor increased for each rarity


  • Armor values increased (positive and negative) for every trait


  • Coagulation: 75% -> 125%
  • Back Protection: +20 Armor -> +60 Armor
  • Relentless: +5 Armor (1T) -> +20 Armor (1T)
  • Vampire: 2 Health regenerated -> 4 Health regenerated

Bug fix 0.91.6

  • Ultrawide 21:9 now supported. We couldn’t test other aspects, so the game allows player to try the game in other aspects, but that doesn’t mean that the game will be 100% supported for them. Please let us know if you find any issue!
  • Camera focus improved during the boss phase
  • Optimization of the portraits generation when entering the Tavern, preventing a big FPS drop
  • We increased the size of the Starting setup text box in the worldmap
  • Enemies cannot be selected in the Mist anymore
  • Level up reroll fix
  • Enemies that die from poison inside the city don’t cause any panic anymore
  • Fix of the item comparison in the shop
  • “Splitters” no longer attack the walls of the boss
  • Softlock fix: in the night report if you open the character sheet right before the end of the night
  • Fix of a bug where several enemies could be found in the same tile
  • Cursor move potential fix: the cursor should no longer move when a controller is connected to the PC
  • Fix of the item drag&drop bug when a hero has the “Specialist” perk
  • Fix of a part of the Oraculum that could be visible in the worldmap
  • Fix of a softlock when the player kills the boss with poison
  • Fix of a visual bug on the gate when a hero uses a skill
  • Addition of a condition on the meta upgrade “Wealthy Haven 2” so it cannot appear before getting “Wealthy Haven”
  • Correction of the exploit in the shop on the meta conditions “amount of gold spent”, “number of items sold”, “amount of gold spent in the shop”
  • Bug fix on the save/load of the production rewards: after loading a game, only the first Gold/Materials reward remained
  • Softlock fix on the boss when player hovers a buff/debuff skill on an enemy killed by the spawning of the boss fortress
  • UI Oraculum fix several resolutions
  • Bug fix of the save corruption when players leave the app

The Last Spell is available on Steam Early Access. For more about the game, check out its official website right here.


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